Table of contents

  1. Seven Steps to Better Marketing
  2. Understanding supply factors for agricultural products
  3. How demand and supply determine market price
  4. How exchange rates affect agricultural markets
  5. How interest rates affect agricultural markets
  6. How to use charting to analyse commodity markets
  7. Agriculture marketing clubs
  8. Commodity futures markets
  9. Economics and Marketing – Choosing a Commodity Broker
  10. Margin on futures contracts
  11. Options on futures – an introduction
  12. Using hedging to protect farm product prices
  13. Canola futures contract
  14. Introduction to crop marketing
  15. Basis – How cash grain prices are established
  16. Grain marketing decision grid
  17. Price pooling – How it works
  18. Crop contracts
  19. Grain storage as a marketing strategy
  20. Using producer cars to ship prairie grain
  21. Waiting for $14 canola?
  22. Western Canadian grain catchment
  23. Barley and wheat marketing resources
  24. Wheat basis levels
  25. Why wheat quality and protein matter
  26. Wheat pricing considerations
  27. Marketing oats in Canada
  28. US Crops – Where Are They Grown?
  29. Introduction to livestock marketing
  30. Understanding and using basis levels in cattle markets
  31. Forward contracting of cattle
  32. Understanding dressing percentage of slaughter cattle
  33. Understanding the cattle market sliding scale
  34. Predicting feeder cattle prices
  35. Breakeven analysis for feeder cattle
  36. Farm gate values for farm-raised vs purchased calves
  37. Wool marketing in Canada
  38. Marketing feeder lambs
  39. Turf and Forage Seed Trade Companies Active In The Peace Region
  40. History of creeping red fescue production in the Peace River Region
  41. Alfalfa seed marketing in Canada
  42. Forage seed marketing
  43. Marketing creeping red fescue
  44. Faba bean
  45. Marketing Timothy and other Compressed Hay
  46. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – A, B
  47. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – C
  48. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – D, E
  49. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – F, G
  50. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – H, I, J, K
  51. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – L, M
  52. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – N, O
  53. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – P, Q, R
  54. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – S
  55. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – T, U
  56. Agricultural Marketing Glossary – V, W
  57. Other Marketing Related Glossaries