Key strategies

Rural economic development

Supporting Alberta’s Recovery Plan through diverse and sustainable economic growth in rural Alberta.


We're listening to rural Albertans, hearing what works and what is challenging, as we create a strong plan to support rural economic growth through innovation, diversification, and sustainable, long-term economic development.

Rural Alberta has unique economic opportunities and challenges that require different considerations and approaches from their urban neighbours.

This work supports Alberta’s Recovery Plan to help every Albertan reach an even brighter future.

Key themes

Albertans shared 7 key themes with us as opportunities to develop and diversify rural economic activity.

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    Cutting red tape

    Support investment, business growth and retention.

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    Develop rural-focused economic strategies with municipalities, regional organizations, Indigenous communities and the provincial government.

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    Rural business supports

    Offset higher transportation and business costs.

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    Increase development, training and retention.

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    Rural tourism marketing support

    Expand tourism opportunities and improve the rural brand.

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    Rural investment attraction

    Support sustainable economic growth, help retain rural businesses and attract new investment.

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    Improving rural broadband

    Ensure that rural businesses are competitive and sustainable in an online economy.

Next steps

This spring we are holding another round of engagement sessions as we continue to listen to rural Albertans about their opportunities and challenges to growing a strong, sustainable economy.

Rural insights will help inform the Economic Development in Rural Alberta Plan with direct actions to enable economic infrastructure, build leadership, develop strong governance and support healthy sustainable communities, and feed into future actions within the Alberta Recovery Plan.

Other initiatives

  • The Alberta Broadband Strategy will invest up to $390 million over 4 years to improve broadband services across the province, ensuring that rural, remote and Indigenous communities are included in the province’s economic recovery.
  • The Rural Health Professions Action Plan is a rural community health workforce attraction and retention resource, an ally with Alberta’s medical schools, and a trusted, collaborative partner for rural Alberta communities to achieve greater access to health care.
  • The expansion the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary through $59 million in funding will double the number of seats in the program to address a critical shortage of large animal veterinarians in rural Alberta.
  • The Film and Television Tax Credit will receive $70 million in 2022 to help attract major productions to the province, diversify the economy and create thousands of new jobs.
  • The Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation, will receive more than $8 million in 2022-23 to support Indigenous communities’ participation in commercially viable major resource projects that play an intricate role in Alberta’s economic growth,

How we got here

Albertans shared successes, challenges and opportunities to develop Alberta's rural economy with us through 17 rural economic development engagement sessions and an online survey.

This feedback will help develop a plan for rural economic participation to support our economic recovery and create a sustainable future for rural Albertans.

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    Alberta's Recovery Plan

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