Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP)

Municipalities can apply for funding for projects to develop and maintain local transportation infrastructure.

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Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP)

Important dates

Application status: Open until November 30 for funding in the following year.


See the list of approved projects for 2023.

The Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) provides funding to municipalities under 4 funding streams:

See the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) Guidelines for more details.

The program goals are to:

  • improve accessibility and the movement of goods and people
  • increase the capacity of municipal transportation infrastructure to support economic growth
  • enhance safety and efficiency
  • extend the service life of key transportation infrastructure


Program funding is determined each budget cycle. Private sector contractors and suppliers must be used to carry out all work.

Funding streams at glance

Funding streamStream prioritiesFunding level
Community Airport ProgramRehabilitation and improvement of community-owned public-use airports

75% provincial contribution for eligible project costs

25% municipal contribution for eligible project costs

For runway extensions, the costs are shared:

  • 1/3 provincial contribution for eligible projects costs
  • 1/3 municipal contribution for eligible project costs
  • 1/3 industry contribution for eligible project costs
Local Road Bridge ProgramRehabilitation and maintenance of bridges and bridge-sized culverts on municipal roads

75% provincial contribution for eligible costs

25% municipal contribution for eligible costs

Resource Road ProgramBuild or improve road infrastructure that supports industrial and economic growth

50% provincial contribution for eligible costs of up to a maximum of $3 million per project.

Municipalities are only eligible to receive one project approval every 2 years.

50% from municipal and private sector sources:

  • Municipalities are encouraged to provide 25% of the funding required and get a 25% contribution from the private sector that will benefit from the project.
Local Municipal InitiativesLocal transportation infrastructure projectsThe level of cost-sharing for provincial and municipal contributions varies based on the project.


Proposed projects are reviewed to ensure they meet program criteria. Projects are then rated on a provincewide, competitive basis and evaluated on:

  • basic need
  • safety
  • functionality
  • impacts on the overall transportation network
  • the current condition of the infrastructure
  • total traffic volumes
  • truck traffic volumes
  • cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • collaboration or partnership with industry or other municipalities or Metis Settlements
  • economic, social, environmental or innovation benefits
  • use of alternate sources to fund the project (federal or private investment)