The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has allocated $200,000 to be distributed through the Municipal Affairs Public Library Services Branch (PLSB) as a grant program.

The purpose of this one-time grant program is to support public library boards in rural areas to strengthen their services and programs to support communities in becoming resilient and sustainable.

The grant is intended to support initiatives in rural public libraries that promote:

  • digital literacy, including basic computer skills, cyber security and fraud detection, and evaluating online information effectively
  • employment and job skills development, including resume writing, job interviewing, and career exploration
  • rural community and economic development, including support for entrepreneurship and civic engagement


  • This is a one-time grant program with a total budget of $200,000.
  • Grants have been awarded in amounts of $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000. The total number of recipients was dependent on the number of applicants and the amounts applied for.
  • This is one-time project funding that is separate from PLSB’s annual operating grant funds and is awarded using a process separate from the operating grant application process.

Grant recipients

The following library boards were selected from the 90 applications received:

Library board Name of initiative Brief description
Town of Banff Library Board Banff Legal Access Initiative To expand programming and service offerings to address gaps in legal and digital literacy.
Barrhead Library Board Life-Long Learning Initiative in Barrhead To provide programs on cyber security/fraud detection, resume writing/job interviews, and building a home-based business.
Town of Bashaw Library Board Bashaw Seniors' Digital Literacy Enhancement Project To provide critical digital literacy skills to those seniors most vulnerable in an increasingly digital technology world.
Village of Carmangay Library Board Rural Entrepreneurship To start 2 entrepreneur groups within the village, one of which will be specifically for local women entrepreneurs.
Town of Elk Point Library Board Get Connected to a Brighter Future To delivery digital literacy and employment skills training.
Village of Empress Library Board Empress Municipal Library Discover, Learn and Create To offer a series of programs that cover topics such as digital banking, resume writing for youth, cyber security, etc.
Town of Hinton Library Board Professional Opportunities Development Space (POD Space) To encourage trades skill development and deliver workshops related to career development and digital literacy.
Village of Innisfree Library Board Women in Business Program To support local women to start or run a small business in our community.
Village of Irma Library Board Irma Library Web Wednesday Workshops To offer 5 technology/computer theme courses for the residents of Irma and surrounding area.
Town of Lamont Library Board Supporting Seniors as Digital Citizens Support a pilot outreach program that builds digital literacy skills in our senior population.
Village of Paradise Valley Library Board Digital Literacy Development The library will host a series of digital literacy classes to build these skills in our community.
Town of Ponoka Library Board Career Launchpad To help individuals successfully transition into the workforce by providing them with the tools and resources needed to present themselves in the best possible light.
Town of Raymond Library Board Training Young Entrepreneurs Provide a series of sessions to teach young entrepreneurs how to effectively make, market and sell.
Slave Lake Regional Library Board Basic Skills Development Training Increase ability of individuals to understand and use digital systems, tools, applications and networks in order to access and manage information and thrive in learning, the workplace and daily life.
Town of Valleyview Library Board Workforce Skills Development Workshops Deliver training to build basic computer and job search skills.
Town of Vermilion Library Board Vermilion Sustainability Project Expanding technology training opportunities for seniors and the community at large.
Village of Vilna Library Board Youth of Tomorrow A 9-session program during July and August where youth 14 to 21 years of age can develop digital literacy skills and employment knowledge.
Town of Wainwright Library Board Digital Literacy and Technology Project Provide expertise towards digital literacy through a monthly program and one-on-one help.
Westlock Intermunicipal Library Board Digital Literacy Outreach Provide digital literacy programming in Westlock, Jarvie and Fawcett.


Connect with the Public Library Services Branch:

Phone: 780-427-4871
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]

17th Floor, Commerce Place
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