Forest sector strategies are initiatives designed to support and strengthen the forestry industry as part of our commitment to growth and economic recovery.

The strategies focus on building Alberta’s foundation as a major supplier of forest products by maintaining resources, creating forestry jobs, establishing sustainable forest management and diversifying the industry.

Forest sector strategies amplify our reputation for high-quality forest products while supporting Alberta’s Recovery Plan to put us back on course for financial sustainability.


Supporting Alberta’s economic recovery by enabling growth, diversification and innovation in the forest sector.

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    Supporting forestry jobs

    The Forest Jobs Action Plan initiative provides companies with secure access to wood fibre, which helps maintain and protect thousands of jobs.

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    Securing fibre access

    Ensuring access to a sustainable and secure timber supply will support jobs, investment and communities in rural Alberta. The long-term goal is to increase fibre supply.

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    Sustainable management

    Maintaining resources supports sustainable harvesting practices, protects the community and balances economic opportunities with the need to manage disturbances.

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    Timber allocation

    The forestry sector uses an open and competitive process to allocate Crown timber in areas where trees have already been counted for, but have not yet been assigned to a specific company.

Forest sector benefits

Creating jobs

Over 90 communities and 18,000 jobs rely on Alberta’s forest sector.

Sustaining resources

Alberta’s forestry industry has planted more than 100 million trees since 2020.

Economic recovery

The forest sector contributes $2.6 billion to the provincial gross domestic product.

Key actions

Removing barriers to industry success, funding rural initiatives, supporting expansion opportunities and creating jobs.

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    Forest Jobs Action Plan

    The Forest Jobs Action Plan ensures access to a sustainable supply of wood fibre. Fibre security encourages investment and supports stable, good-paying jobs for Albertans.

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    Long-term timber access

    Long-term agreements provide rights to grow and harvest Crown timber in exchange for sustainable forest management practices.

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    Modernizing the Forests Act

    Amendments to the Forests Act were implemented in 2021 to better reflect the realities of the current forest industry and improve industry competitiveness.

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    Wood WORKS!

    Wood WORKS! Alberta is an example of government-supported initiatives to diversify Alberta’s economy. The project goals are to increase the use of wood products and showcase inspiring examples of wood projects in Canada.

Next steps

We are committed to ensuring Albertans receive efficient services from their government.

This work will improve service delivery for Albertans, foster economic growth and create a strong and attractive investment climate.