Important dates

Open for applications: October 23, 2023
Application deadline: December 20, 2023
Funding decision notification: Spring 2024


The Northern and Regional Economic Development (NRED) Program funds initiatives led by Alberta municipalities, Indigenous communities and non-profit organizations that promote regional economic development and diversification.


Approved applicants are eligible to receive between $20,000 to $200,000 to support eligible project costs. While there is no maximum total project cost under the program, grant funding will not exceed $200,000 per project.

  • For Indigenous applicants

    • The NRED Program will provide up to 75% of total eligible project costs.
    • Total eligible project costs must be a minimum of $26,675.
    • Applicants must be able to match the funding requested at a minimum of 25% of the total project cost.
  • For all other applicants (northern and regional projects)

    • The NRED Program will provide up to 50% of total eligible project costs.
    • Total eligible project costs must be a minimum of $40,000.
    • Applicants must be able to match the funding requested at a minimum of 50% of the total project cost.


Review the NRED Program Application Guidelines for further information on eligibility.

  • Eligible applicants

    Entities eligible to apply for funding under the NRED Program include:

    • incorporated non-profit organizations that have an economic development mandate
    • municipalities
    • Indigenous communities, including First Nations or Métis Settlements

    Refer to the NRED Program Application Guidelines for further details on entities that are eligible to apply.

    Applications from project-based partnerships are permitted provided the application is submitted by an eligible entity (listed above). This entity will be considered the ‘lead’ and, if successful, will enter an agreement with the Alberta government on behalf of their organization and their partner(s).

  • Eligible projects

    The NRED Program funds initiatives that support economic development and will achieve tangible and impactful results in one or more of the following priority areas:

    • investment in economic development infrastructure
    • business supports
    • labour force attraction and retention
    • tourism planning, capacity building and infrastructure
    • economic development capacity building
  • Project streams

    Applicants are required to apply under one of the following 2 streams:

    Northern Development and Indigenous Stream

    • Open to eligible projects based in northern Alberta and to Indigenous applicants across Alberta.

    Regional Development Stream

    • Open to eligible projects based outside of northern Alberta and to applicants who do not represent Indigenous organizations or communities.

How to apply

Step 1. Read the guidelines

NRED Program Application Guidelines

Step 2. Sign up for an Account

Sign up for a pending or verified Account (formerly MyAlberta Digital ID). You need it to apply online.

  • Learn more about the verified Account

    To apply online, you need a pending or verified Account (formerly known as MyAlberta Digital ID). If you already have one, skip ahead to "Step 3. Gather your documents".

    • An Account is a secure and confidential way to prove your identity online.
    • You will need a 'pending verified' or 'verified' level account to apply.
      • If you already have a 'basic' account, you will need to upgrade by adding your valid Alberta driver's licence or ID card to your profile.
      • Once your ID is entered, your account will be upgraded to 'pending verified’. You can now apply online. You do not need to wait for the activation code to arrive in the mail to be able to apply.
    • Each Account must have a unique, individual email address.
      • It is not possible to create 2 accounts using the same email address.
      • There are many free email providers (for example, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail).

    Sign up for an Account

    Verified vs. pending verified account

    • A 'pending verified' account means you have added your ID to your profile but have not yet entered the activation code that will arrive in the mail. You can apply online at this stage.
    •  A 'verified' account means you have completed both steps to confirm your identity. You will be able to access all available services.

    For additional support

    Review the Account help page.

Step 3. Gather your documents

When you apply online, you also need to upload these required documents:

  • completed Management and Measurement Template (download from the NRED Program Online Application Portal) 
  • completed Budget Template (download from the NRED Program Online Application Portal) 
  • letters or documents confirming matching funding has been secured or committed 
    • Applications are ineligible without proof, in writing, that matching funding is in place and must be provided for each allocation of matching funds.
    • Confirmation of in-kind contribution(s) – if it is included in the matching funds and is in the project’s budget. Confirmation should be provided in writing and include the name of the organization providing the contribution, the type of contribution and value of the contribution. 
  • quotes to support the proposed budget
    • All listed budget items must be supported/substantiated with quotes, estimates, historical information or other relevant evidence, demonstrating how the requested amount was calculated.
  • letters of support or other documents that confirm the project is supported by impacted communities
  • Band Council Resolution that authorizes the project (for First Nations applicants only)
  • job description(s) including responsibilities of the position(s), term and salary/wage – if funding/incentives to hire new economic development staff is included in the project and budget
  • evidence that the appropriate approval has been provided (in other words, the approval is in place at the time of application) – if the project requires regulatory approval (provincial or federal)

Step 4. Apply for funding

  1. Open the Funding Programs website.
  2. Click the Apply button at the bottom of the website’s main page.

The Account website appears.

  1. Sign in to your account.

The NRED Program Online Application Portal appears.

  1. Fill out the application and upload all the required documents (when prompted).
  2. Submit your application with the documents.

After you apply

Your application will undergo a multi-stage review process that begins with an administrative screening to check it for completeness and eligibility under the NRED Program’s guidelines.

Meeting all the requirements of the NRED Program does not guarantee that the application will be successful and receive funding. 

Ineligible applications will be advised of final program decisions.


Applicants will be provided a grant agreement for successful projects. This grant agreement must be signed and returned by the recipient before the deadline communicated by the program – when the grant agreement is supplied.

The grant agreement will outline the terms and conditions of support. Before the release of any payment, this agreement must be signed by both parties:

  • recipient organization’s representative
  • representative from Jobs, Economy and Trade

As a part of the grant agreement, recipients will be required to regularly report on the financial status of projects and on the outcomes achieved. The reporting schedule and requirements will be outlined in the grant agreement.

Any significant variations in project scope or other requirements of the contract must be agreed to by both parties.

2022-23 Grant recipients

  • Northern Alberta

    Arts Council Wood Buffalo
    Arts Incubator Project is a plan to transform the Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) property in downtown Fort McMurray into a creative hub to drive economic opportunities.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    Athabasca County
    Athabasca County Regional Branding Strategy and Initiatives will support a regional branding strategy for the Athabasca Region.

    • Grant amount: $102,750

    City of Grande Prairie
    The City of Grande Prairie will develop its Investment Attraction Action Plan.

    • Grant amount: $75,000

    Cold Lake First Nations
    PDEMS Fire Training Centre will deliver training and labour skill development for the fire department that address gaps in the local labour force.

    • Grant amount: $72,150

    Community Futures Lakeland
    The Power Up North 2023 Conference will deliver training sessions, networking and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses in the northeast region.

    • Grant amount $41,000

    County of St. Paul, No 19
    The Regional Tourism Development project will support a feasibility study to identify tourism opportunities and assets that can be further developed to build capacity in regional and provincial tourism.

    • Grant amount: $70,000

    Frog Lake First Nation
    The Developmental Indigenous Sustainable Hemp Ecosystem Strategy (DISHES) will develop a business feasibility study and an investment outreach strategy for Indigenous landowners, which will determine the viability of a hemp facility in the region.

    • Grant amount: $25,000

    Lac La Biche County
    The Main Street Revitalization project will improve the existing main street in order to increase business attraction and improve the visitor experience in Lac La Biche County.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    Town of Westlock
    Heritage Building HVAC Energy Efficiency and Exterior Upgrade project modernize the Heritage Building in order to increase tourism traffic and bring more economic development opportunities to downtown Westlock.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    County of Grande Prairie No. 1
    The County of Grande Prairie will implement its Industrial Investment Attraction Strategy and develop investment marketing.

    • Grant amount: $37,000

    High Level Native Friendship Centre Society
    The Friendship Park and History Walk project will enhance and upgrade the High Level Native Friendship Centre's amenities.

    • Grant amount: $114,000

    Mackenzie County
    Mackenzie County will develop an outdoor recreation and tourism plan.

    • Grant amount: $55,800

    Municipal District of Peace No. 135
    The Recreation and Tourism Development Signage project will help increase tourism to the Municipal District of Peace.

    • Grant amount: $24,500

    Northern Sunrise County
    Sunrise Gateway Busines Park Business Attraction Strategy will support a marketing package to attract new development in the Sunrise County Business Park.

    • Grant amount: $20,000

    Regional Economic Development Initiative for Northwest Alberta
    Northwest Alberta Investment Attraction and Business Development project will support the creation of business cases and undertaking activities, such as feasibility studies, workshops and conferences, to support local entrepreneurs and investors in the Northwest region.

    • Grant amount: $83,200

    The Village of Berwyn
    The Berwyn Main Street Beautification project will support the development of a highway-commercial and multi-family residential structure plan.

    • Grant amount: $33,000

    Town of Fox Creek
    The Fox Creek Wayfinding Signage project will enhance wayfinding signage in Fox Creek.

    • Grant amount: $199,300

    Town of Grimshaw
    The Social Media Readiness and Development project will provide business supports and marketing within the Town of Grimshaw.

    • Grant amount: $30,000

    Town of High Level
    The High Level Business Attraction project will support proactive attraction of new businesses and services that fill existing commercial, industrial, and services gaps.

    • Grant amount: $99,500

    Town of Peace River
    The Town of Peace River will develop the Investment Attraction Strategy for a Northern Hub.

    • Grant amount: $32,500

    Town of Slave Lake
    The Industrial Land Market and Fiscal Impact Analysis project will develop an investment attraction action plan for the Town of Slave Lake.

    • Grant amount: $35,500

    Town of Spirit River
    The Town of Spirit River will upgrade and revitalize the Chepi Sepe Campground.

    • Grant amount: $30,475

    Village of Donnelly
    The Hemp Decortication, Economic Development Strategy and Infrastructure Improvements Project will support a strategy to develop a new agricultural and processing industry within northern Alberta's largest agricultural area.

    • Grant amount: $100,000

    Willmore Wilderness Preservation and Historical Foundation
    The Rocky Mountain Traditions Moving Forward project will support marketing, tourism awareness and capacity building in the guide and outfitting sectors.

    • Grant amount: $149,000
  • Central Alberta

    Camrose County
    The Choose Camrose Region Marketing Campaign will promote rural communities and businesses in Camrose County to bring awareness and infuse economic growth.

    • Grant amount: $21,900

    Camrose Regional Exhibition and Agricultural Society
    Camrose Regional Exhibition Economic Impact Study will evaluate the economic benefits of the Camrose Regional Exhibition.

    • Grant amount: $25,000

    City of Camrose, Tourism Development
    The project will help build capacity in economic development, and create a trail master plan and a destination and events attraction plan for the City of Camrose.

    • Grant amount: $54,750

    Flagstaff County
    The Flagstaff Business Support Hub Program will provide business supports and capacity building for small business owners in the Flagstaff region.

    • Grant amount: $84,700

    Go East Regional Tourism Organization
    The Go East RTO Regional Tourism Development and Industry Support Initiative will provide business support and training for entrepreneurs northeast, east and southeast of Edmonton aimed to retain and create new jobs in the tourism industry.

    • Grant amount: $40,000

    Lamont County
    Lamont County's Integrated Heartland Infrastructure Planning project will support infrastructure planning in Lamont County's heavy industrial area in order to facilitate client needs aiming to locate their projects in Lamont County.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    Samson Cree Nation
    The National Final Rodeo Tourism Project will assist in building tourism capacity for Samson Cree Nation and area.

    • Grant amount: $35,925

    Town of Drumheller
    CN Rail to Trail Wayfinding Signage project will improve the trail network and pedestrian connectivity to allow better access to town businesses, gathering places, and natural amenities.

    • Grant amount: $38,000

    Town of Provost
    Provost and Region Tourist Revitalization Partnership will create a cohesive tourism plan for economic impact in Provost and throughout the region.

    • Grant amount: $34,000

    Town of Sedgewick
    The Connect Mobility Project will make upgrades to provide better connectivity for underserved businesses in Sedgewick.

    • Grant amount: $50,000

    Town of Vegreville
    The Town of Vegreville will develop a wayfinding signage master plan and signage standards that tailor to Vegreville's brand and identity, which will create easy navigation for residents and visitors to the community.

    • Grant amount: $20,075

    Town of Wainwright
    The Wainwright Economic Development 2023-2024 Project will create and implement business support and marketing campaigns for the Town of Wainwright.

    • Grant amount: $24,000

    Alberta Information and Communications Technology Council
    The Technology Alberta Connected Growth Program will facilitate a robust, pan-provincial network to unleash economic potential in municipal districts through stronger relationships and connections.

    • Grant amount: $100,000

    Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association
    The Economic Competitiveness Benchmarking project will develop a study for economic competitiveness benchmarking of capital cost and other variables that impact final investment decisions for petrochemical facilities.

    • Grant amount: $100,000

    City of Edmonton
    The Improving Downtown Edmonton's Urban Forest project will support the beautification of Downtown Edmonton's core as part of the implementation of the Downtown Vibrancy Strategy.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    City of Fort Saskatchewan
    The Fort Saskatchewan Downtown Action Plan Expansion project will revitalize Downtown Fort Saskatchewan by redesigning and rehabilitating 104th Street to better serve local businesses.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    Digital Media Association of Alberta
    The Alberta Game Series Expansion project will implement a conference that will bring together the Alberta game development industry.

    • Grant amount: $54,100

    Parkland County
    The Parkland County will implement its Tourism Blueprint project.

    • Grant amount: $100,000

    Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association
    Spruce Grove City Centre Business Association will host an event to bring high visitor traffic to the city centre of Spruce Grove.

    • Grant amount: $20,000

    Central Alberta Economic Partnership Ltd.
    The Building Local Economic Development Capacity through Regional Economic Diversification and Growth project will support a strategic plan for business retention, expansion and attraction.

    • Grant amount: $30,000

    City of Lacombe
    The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan Priority Projects will upgrade the downtown core to make it more accessible and welcoming.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    Lacombe County
    The Success Grows Here: Building Capacity for Regional Economic Development in Lacombe County project will help build capacity to retain and attract business investment in Lacombe County.

    • Grant amount: $30,000

    Town of Blackfalds
    The Regional Economic Development Initiative - Vehicular and Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage Updates/Bike Skills Park Signage project support wayfinding signage upgrades and enhancements throughout the Town of Blackfalds.

    • Grant amount: $21,615

    Town of Innisfail
    The Innisfail Cultivating Investment Program will support a strategy and marketing plan to attract investment in Innisfail.

    • Grant amount: $59,750

    Town of Sylvan Lake
    The Town of Slave Lake will use funding to support research, planning and strategy development, and marketing for labour force attraction in Sylvan Lake.

    • Grant amount: $90,000

    Downtown Canmore Business Improvement Area
    The Canmore Downtown Study will support the development of a restructure plan for the Town of Canmore.

    • Grant amount: $23,700

    Edson Friendship Centre
    The Willow River Lodges project will upgrade and enhance the Willmore Campground.

    • Grant amount: $25,000

    Hinton and District Chamber of Commerce Association
    The Destination Management Organization project will build capacity to enhance visitor services.

    • Grant amount: $70,000

    Municipal District of Bighorn No.8
    The Harvey Heights Area Redevelopment Plan will support consulting services to address and remove barriers to coordinated redevelopment hotel lots at the border of Banff National Park.

    • Grant amount: $50,000

    Town of Drayton Valley
    The Labour Market and Industry Gap Analysis project will create a comprehensive industry and labour report and an implementation plan.

    • Grant amount: $37,500

    Town of Hinton
    The Trails Tourism Initiative will enhance the outdoor adventure tourist experience in Hinton.

    • Grant amount: $40,000
  • Southern Alberta

    Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance Ltd.
    The Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance Ltd. conduct a feasibility study for the Manufacturing, Energy, Construction, Agriculture Processing (MECAP) Network Development Project.

    • Grant amount: $25,000

    BIPOC Foundation
    The Building Longevity in Alberta's Rural Black Business Communities project will provide the “Done For You" guided business plan to 10 entrepreneurs in order to accelerate their ability to finalize or strengthen their business models.

    • Grant amount: $40,000

    City of Medicine Hat
    The City of Medicine Hat will develop a regional economic development strategy aiming to improve the regional capability to attract and retain economic growth in southeast Alberta.

    • Grant amount: $200,000

    Community Futures Lethbridge Region
    The Blackfoot Morphology Project will support wayfinding signage for the Lethbridge region.

    • Grant amount: $27,500

    Community Futures Wild Rose
    Funding will help building capacity for entrepreneurs by providing access to training and mentorship throughout the Community Futures Wild Rose Region.

    • Grant amount: $76,270

    Lethbridge Destination Management Organization
    The Southern Alberta Market Readiness Training will build capacity for new and existing tourism businesses to increase revenues and profits through market readiness training.

    • Grant amount: $76,000

    Lethbridge Economic Development Initiative Society
    Funding will support infrastructure capacity building and increase the online presence of Canada's Premier Food Corridor.

    • Grant amount: $100,000

    Southgrow Regional Initiative
    The Regional Economic Development Solar Project will support a feasibility study to explore the potential for developing the Southgrow Solar Project.

    • Grant amount: $21,250

    Town of Claresholm
    The Development by Design project will develop an area structure plan for highway-commercial and multi-family residential development.

    • Grant amount: $52,430

    Town of Raymond
    The Economic Development Capacity Building and Sports Tourism Readiness project will upgrade and market the Victoria Sports Park in the Town of Raymond to attract more economic activity.

    • Grant amount: $21,540

    City of Airdrie
    The Advancing Airdrie’s Economic Strategy will implement the Airdrie's downtown revitalization plan, identifying opportunities and potential in the sport tourism sector, and providing local business supports.

    • Grant amount: $195,000

    E.D.A. Alberta (An Association of Economic Developers)
    Phase 2: Building Community Economic Development Capacity through Professional Development Training and Certification Opportunities will launch three educational modules for the E.D.A Alberta Learning Platform.

    • Grant amount: $81,250

    Foothills Tourism Association
    The Foothills Tourism photo asset social media promotional project will help promote tourism to Alberta’s foothills region through social media.

    • Grant amount: $23,000.00

    Inglewood Business Improvement Area
    Inglewood Gateway AR Mural will help beautify Calgary's historic main street.

    • Grant amount: $21,500

    Town of Okotoks
    Okotoks Economic Development Strategy will support the completion of the Town of Okotoks Economic Development Strategy.

    • Grant amount: $40,000


Connect with the NRED Program:

Email: [email protected]

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