Alberta’s provincial parks, protected areas and public land support a variety of uses. Collectively, these areas are referred to as Crown land.

Call 310-LAND (5263) to access general information about Crown land and to report public safety incidents, illegal activity and enforcement concerns. If you need to contact us, or have other concerns on Crown land, Alberta has many environmental reporting and information lines available to support you. Alberta’s reporting lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Download Alberta’s Environmental Reporting and Information Lines fact sheet.

Together, we have a responsibility to protect Albertans and the environment so that we can all enjoy Crown land for years to come.

310-LAND is not a replacement for 911

If you are in an emergency situation, dial 911. If you witness an incident or illegal activity in a provincial park, on public land or in a protected area call 310-LAND (5263) when it is safe to do so.

What to report

Our trained phone line operators are here to help. When reporting a public safety incident, enforcement concern or illegal activity on Crown land, you may be asked to:

  • describe what happened
  • describe where it happened
  • share any photos of the activity or incident
  • describe the person(s) involved
  • provide the vehicle make and licence plate number (if applicable)

Conservation officers and other staff may be dispatched to investigate incidents and concerns.

  • What to report on public land

    Report the following concerns:

    • non-life threatening public safety incidents on public land and in provincial parks
    • illegal activity, like:
      • any activity that causes damage to vegetation, a trail or the land
      • entering a closed area
      • clearing a new trail or access
      • blocking a trail
      • leaving behind garbage
      • dumping household or commercial waste
      • staying beyond the 14-day maximum in the same location
      • abandoning a vehicle or trailer for longer than 24 hours
      • abandoned or unauthorized permanent structures
      • cutting or clearing live vegetation without a permit or authorization from the province
      • trespassing or entering land that is part of a disposition or held under an agricultural lease, without consent
      • vehicles with wheels (or tracks for snow vehicles) in a waterbody or wetland(unless on a designated trail or crossing)
      • driving an OHV outside of the tread of a designated trail
  • What to report in provincial parks

    Report the following concerns:

    • non-life threatening public safety incidents
    • illegal activity, like:
      • participating in any activity that is harmful to the environment
      • leaving garbage or household items behind
      • campers staying beyond the 16-day maximum
      • abandoned vehicles or trailers
      • unauthorized or abandoned structures
      • unauthorized clearing of vegetation
      • accessing a closed trail or area
      • trespassing
      • vehicles with wheels in the water
      • off-trail motorized recreation
      • excessive trail rutting or braiding
      • clearing a new trail or access
      • blocking existing trails
      • use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
      • irresponsible or out-of-control campfires
    • park disturbances, like excessive noise
    • wildlife concerns, like:
      • dangerous wildlife encounters
      • disrespecting or approaching wildlife

    If you are in Kananaskis Country, additional contact numbers are available on the Alberta Parks website at:

  • General inquiries about Crown land and natural resources

    During regular business hours, Albertans can call 310-LAND for:

    • maps, rules and regulations for recreation in provincial parks, protected areas and on public land
    • random camping and the Public Lands Camping Pass
    • Crown land use
    • agricultural dispositions and grazing leases
    • access permits, authorizations and the application process
    • accessing agricultural Crown land for recreation and leaseholder contact information


Hours: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report an incident
Toll free: 310-LAND (5263)
Toll free: 1-833-310-5869 (outside of Alberta)