Energy and Environmental Response Line

Call this 24-hour response line to report an energy or environmental emergency, incident or complaint.

Energy & Environmental Response Line

24-Hour Response Line (toll-free within Alberta): 1-800-222-6514

Calling from outside of Alberta: 780-422-4505

To report an energy or environmental emergency, incident or complaint, please call the Energy and Environmental Emergency 24-Hour Response Line.

What to report

The Energy and Environmental 24-hour response line is Alberta’s single contact point for reporting environmental emergencies, incidents and complaints.

Examples of reports to the Energy and Environmental Response Line include the following:

  • Contraventions of authorizations issued under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act or the Water Act;
  • Releases of a Transportation Dangerous Goods regulated substance in excess of the reporting limit;
  • Releases of any substance to the environment with the potential for adverse effects (for example: impairment or damage to the environment, human health or safety, or property);
  • Public complaints of environmental concerns such as spills, water quality or quantity and air quality.

When calling, provide as much detail as possible about the emergency, incident or complaint:

  1. Location – If possible, provide the legal land location, address or GPS coordinates; otherwise, provide the general location of the emergency
  2. Description of the emergency, incident or complaint – Describe the impact or nature of the emergency, incident or complaint
  3. Source of the emergency, incident or complaint – Are you aware of or were you able to determine the source of the emergency, incident or complaint? If not, can you describe what type of industrial activity is in the area (for example: oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.)?

Note: Do not put yourself in personal danger to determine any of the above information. The compliance officers who answer the 24-hour response line will notify the appropriate agency and if warranted, emergency responders will be dispatched.

If you have a concern or complaint about an odour in your area, please report it immediately to the energy and environmental response line, as odours are difficult to investigate once they dissipate. For more information on how odour complaints are handled and the type of information callers will be asked for, see:

Written Reports – to be submitted within 7 days of reporting incident.
Please submit Written Reports to:
Email: [email protected]

General Inquiries

(General Information Only)

Environment and Protected Areas Outreach Services
Call Toll Free Alberta: 310-3773
Toll Free: 1-877-944-0313
Email: [email protected]

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