Outreach Services for Environment and Protected Areas (EPA) and Forestry and Parks (FP)

Hours of operation
8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

Contact information
Toll free: 310-3773 (in Alberta)
Toll free in Canada: 1-877-944-0313
International: 780-944-0313
Email: [email protected]

Toll free in Alberta: 310-5263
Toll free in Canada: 1-833-310-5869

EPA and FP emergency numbers

Who to call Number
Forest Fire – Toll free:
Telus Mobility:
310-FIRE (3473)
Report a Poacher – Toll free:
Telus Mobility:
24-hour Environmental Hotline 1-800-222-6514
Call for information, or to report public safety incidents, illegal activity and enforcement concerns on public land, in provincial parks and protected areas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 310-LAND (5263)
Toll free in Canada:

EPA and FP media inquiries

Find ministry spokespersons for EPA and FP at:

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