Policing grants

Municipalities must annually report how policing grant funds were spent to help meet the cost of policing for their region.


The Policing Support Grant (PSG) amalgamates these grants:

  • Municipal Policing Assistance Grant (MPAG)
  • Police Officer Grant (POG)

There is no application form for the PSG.

Eligible municipalities receiving the PSG must submit an annual report for how the grant funds were spent.


Municipalities are eligible for the PSG if:

  • their populations are greater than 5,000
  • they provide their own police service
  • they were eligible for the:
    • MPAG
    • POG

Policing Support Grant report form

Final reports are due by May 31 each year.

The reporting period is April 1 to March 31.

Each municipality receiving PSG funding must report on the use of the funds as set out in their grant agreement.

  1. Complete the PSG Report.
  2. Send the completed report by email to [email protected].

Grant recipients

Go to Policing Support Grant Payments

Go to MPAG payments for annual:

  • payments to municipalities – ordered by population
  • payments to municipalities – ordered by name
  • payments to municipalities – ordered by population category

Go to POG payments for annual:

  • allocation of officers by municipality
  • allocation of officers by police service


Connect with Contract Policing and Policing Oversight about this grant:
Email: [email protected]