FSCD – Hire service providers

How parents can choose and access Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) service providers to assist their child and family.

Working with service providers

When you are accessing Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) services, you choose the service providers that will work with your child and family. You also decide on the employment relationship with them. This can happen 2 ways:

  • you direct-hire and pay an individual or organization to provide services – this person becomes your employee or contractor
  • you work with a community agency who coordinates and pays for the services for you – the agency’s staff are not your employees or contractors

Find a service provider

Contact your local FSCD office or FSCD worker for information about service providers in your area.

Concerns about a service provider

If you are not satisfied with your service provider, speak with them to make sure they understand your expectations and concerns. If you cannot resolve the situation through a discussion, you may want to:

  • ask your FSCD worker to assist you and your service provider in working the situation out
  • choose a new service provider

Get help to navigate and access disability supports and services in Alberta from Family resource centres.

Direct-hire situations

When you hire and pay an individual or organization to provide services for your child or family, you need to follow laws, standards and other requirements of an employer. This may include:

Canada Revenue Agency

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will determine if an employer/employee relationship exists between your family and the service provider you hire. As an employer, your family must:

  • legally comply with all relevant employment laws
  • pay CRA directly on a monthly basis for Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and personal income taxes for your employees

To find out if you are considered an employer, review CRA’s Employee or Self-Employed? guidelines, or call them toll-free at 1-800-959-5525.

Alberta employment standards

Provincial legislation regulates key aspects of working in Alberta, including:

  • hours of work
  • minimum wage
  • overtime
  • general holidays
  • vacation pay
  • termination

Get information about Alberta’s employment standards by calling the Employment Standards Contact Centre at 1-877-427-3731, or visiting Alberta Employment Standards online.

Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta (WCB)

This disability insurance system was set up to protect both the employer and their employees. Ask how to provide WCB coverage for employees by calling toll-free within Alberta at 1-800-661-9608 or visiting the WCB – Alberta website.

Financial and payroll responsibilities

Consider talking to an accountant, a payroll service or CRA staff for advice about payroll requirements or record-keeping.

Occupational health and safety

Find laws, guides and other resources about Alberta and federal occupational health and safety requirements for the workplace.


Consider contacting your personal insurance agent to find out what type of coverage is needed when you are employing someone to work in your home.

Legal advice

You may want to seek legal advice before employing an individual or organization to provide services for your child or family.

Alberta human rights

The Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission helps Albertans resolve human rights complaints. Contact them toll-free within Alberta by phone 310-0000, then one of these confidential inquiry lines:

Northern Regional Office: 780-427-7661
Southern Regional Office: 403-297-6571


Paying service providers

There are 2 ways to pay an individual or organization you hire for services that are outlined in your FSCD agreement:

  • you get the invoice and pay them, then submit an expense claim to the FSCD program to get paid back for the expense, or
  • have the organization send the invoice to the FSCD program to get paid

Getting paid back

Your FSCD worker can help you with the expense claim process by:

  • giving you the Statement of Expenses form and other information you need
  • explaining how to complete the form
  • advising you which invoices and receipts are needed

When all your documentation is ready, there are 2 ways to submit your expense claim:

Important Notice

You need an Alberta.ca Account to access the Online Claims Reimbursement (OCR) portal. If you already have an Alberta.ca Account, enter your account username and password. If you need assistance setting up an Alberta.ca Account, visit Contact us.

The FSCD program will deposit the funds directly into your bank account within 30 days from the day it was submitted online or to an FSCD office.

Keeping records

Remember to keep copies of all invoices and supporting documentation for 7 years. The FSCD program will ask you to provide original receipts and Records of Services to verify the services you received.