FSCD – Eligibility

To be eligible for the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program, families must meet a number of criteria.

Age and residency criteria

For your family to be eligible for the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program:

  • your child with a disability must be under 18 years
  • your child must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • the person applying for the program must be the child’s guardian
  • the child must reside in Alberta

Disability criteria

Medical documentation must be provided confirming the child has a disability or is awaiting a diagnosis.

The diagnosis for a disability or health condition must:

  • be chronic
  • be a developmental, physical, sensory, mental or neurological condition or impairment
  • health condition that impacts their daily living activities such as eating, grooming, walking, interacting with others, playing and problem solving

The diagnosis must not be a condition for which the primary need is for medical care or health services.

Find supports

Use the Find Supports section of My Alberta Supports to help you find appropriate programs and services you are eligible for.

Contact Alberta Supports to discuss your situation further.


After you apply

Disability Services staff will utilize the information provided through the application to determine whether or not your child is eligible. If your child is eligible, a worker will contact you to set a time to discuss your needs.

The FSCD program can provide some Family Support Services (FSS) to your family prior to completing an assessment. You may receive an Agreement for FSS after your eligibility for the FSCD program has been determined and before you complete an assessment of needs.

If your family has additional needs that cannot be met through FSS, you will be assigned to a FSCD caseworker who will assess your needs and update your agreement as required.