Farmer Pesticide Certificate

An overview of the Farmer Pesticide Certificate and the course modules.

How to get a certificate

Farmers who wish to use restricted pesticides are required to have a Farmer Pesticide Certificate.

To earn the certificate, you must complete a written exam of the course material. A certified trainer must proctor the exam. You can challenge the exam after reading the modules yourself or contact your agricultural fieldman to arrange a training session.

Course modules

The course is made of 7 modules, all of which are available below. There are also 2 endorsements for specific restricted products below.

Basic pesticide course modules

Module 1: Pesticides

Module 2: Poisoning and First Aid

Module 3: Safe Handling Procedures

Module 4: Environmental Safety

Module 5: Integrated Pest Management

Module 6: Legislation and Food Safety

Module 7: Pesticide Application and Equipment Calibration

Endorsement modules

Pest Control in Stored Grain

This module is required to fumigate with aluminum phosphide.

Exterior Rodent Control

This module is required to use restricted rodenticides.

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