Using pesticides – Applicator tutorials

Optional in-class tutorials are available for individuals pursuing pesticide applicator, dispenser or authorized assistant certificates.


These tutorials are taught by a team from colleges, government and/or private industry. They are hosted by colleges and training providers throughout Alberta.

Benefits of tutorials

If you are preparing for the pesticide applicator or dispenser exam, the tutorials will help. The in-class training reinforces understanding of the home-study courses. The tutorials consist of a series of workshops and hands-on labs.

Exam arrangements

The pesticide applicator and dispenser exams are not normally offered at the end of a tutorial. You must arrange to write your exam at a later date.

Before beginning

The home-study courses must be obtained and reviewed before enrolling in a tutorial. The tutorials only cover information from the most recent versions of the home-study courses.

The home-study course material for Pesticide Applicators and Commercial Dispensers is available from Lakeland College.

The home-study course material for the Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser Certificate is available from Olds College.

Where are they offered?

For a list of colleges offering the tutorials, go to: