Pesticide service registrations

Any Alberta business advertising or providing a pesticide service must hold a pesticide service registration to ensure public protection.


Registered pesticide service businesses must employ certified pesticide applicators. They must also comply with legislation regarding pesticide storage, insurance and other requirements.

Pesticide service registration

A business must be registered when it is applying pesticide:

  • as a pesticide application service
  • on rights-of-way
  • on all public land (including all provincial and municipal lands)
  • within forest management

Applicator certification

Pesticide applicators working for a registered service must be certified. A certificate is also required for anyone applying Schedule 1, 2 or 3 pesticides (or Schedule 4 pesticides with certification statements on the label) in the following areas:

  • rental dwellings
  • the grounds of a school, hospital, nursing home or day care
  • the common areas (indoor and outdoor) of multi-family dwellings

In addition to applicator certification requirements, Pesticide Services must comply with legislation regarding pesticide storage, insurance, and other requirements to ensure public protection. Further information about certification and service registration requirements is available at:

Contract applicators

A business offering pesticide services through a third party must ensure the contractor holds a valid and proper service registration. The business must also employ certified applicators who hold the appropriate class of certificate.

Service registration cancellation

A Service Registration is automatically cancelled when the location of the Pesticide Service Registration holder’s outlet changes without prior notification to the Director. The holder has to apply for a new service registration for the new location.

In addition, a pesticide service registration is cancelled when:

  • the business does not employ a certified applicator
  • the business employs an applicator who does not have the appropriate class of certificate
  • the service’s insurance lapses

Registration will be reinstated once the service employs an appropriate class of applicator or validates its insurance.

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The Alberta government has publications with more information. These cover appropriate pest management practices and the safe use of pesticides.

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