Using pesticides – Trainers

Individuals wanting to train authorized pesticide assistants and provide applicator tutorials must qualify as pesticide applicator trainers.


Individuals wanting to train Authorized Assistants and provide 'core lesson' pesticide applicator tutorial training must become Pesticide Applicator Trainers. This section includes the qualifying requirements to become a pesticide trainer.

The pesticide applicator training program is in place to:

  • ensure consistent delivery of 'core' pesticide assistant and applicator training
  • provide trainers with background information to enhance their delivery of the training
  • foster an ongoing relationship between trainers and the Alberta government to improve the training course and to provide trainers with new information
  • provide additional information to trainers, such as
    • examination statistics
    • examination blueprints
    • exam and text-review schedules
    • areas in which candidates are not mastering knowledge

How to become a trainer

To become a pesticide applicator trainer, you must:

  • be a certified applicator
  • have 5 years of pesticide application experience
  • complete a 'Train the Trainer' in-class course

For more information, go to Using pesticides - Applicator tutorials.

When courses are offered

One 'Train the Trainer' course is usually offered every winter. After successful completion of the course, Lakeland College will issue a Pesticide Applicator Trainer Certificate. This certificate is good for 5 years.

To renew a trainer certificate, a recertification session must be attended. These are also usually offered every winter.

To register for either of the above courses, contact Lakeland College.


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