Camping is a popular activity in Alberta and because of its increasing popularity, along with a growing population, Alberta public lands are experiencing recreational pressures that produce undesirable impacts on land, vegetation, water and wildlife, as well as increase conflicts between public land users.

You can help reduce impacts and conflicts. Public Land is a shared resourced and a shared responsibility.

Be Prepared

  • Contact the leaseholder prior to traveling on private or leased land – call 310-ESRD for assistance.
  • Check weather and avoid travel on wet trails
  • Check for area and trail closures

Be Lawful

  • Limit your stay to no more than 14 days in the same location
  • Leave nothing behind – take all garbage with you
  • Prevent the start of a wildfire. Never leave campfire unattended and remember to soak, stir and soak it again.

Be Respectful

  • Leave gates and fences as you found them
  • Use portable fire receptacles for your campfire
  • Camp or park on surfaces that are resistant to impact
  • Share with other users
  • Keep distance from wildlife

For a summary of guidelines to consider while enjoying outdoor recreation on public land, see:

For more information on minimizing your impact while enjoying the outdoors visit: