Outdoor activity guidelines and enforcement

Regulations and how to recreate responsibly on Alberta’s public land.


By following these practices, you can minimize the impacts of boating and help keep Alberta's water healthy and safe for all to enjoy.

You can prevent wildfire by following some easy tips when camping and using off-highway vehicles on Alberta’s public land.

Find information, rules and best practices to help plan your next camping trip.

Group and other select commercial and recreational activities on vacant public land may require an access permit or provincial authorization.

Public land provides opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you are an OHV enthusiast, hunter, hiker or camper.

Motorized recreation can be an exciting and enjoyable way for outdoor enthusiasts to get around on public land.

Learn how to reduce your impact on public land when using non-motorized transportation.

We all have a responsibility to respect and protect Alberta’s public land so that we can enjoy it now and into the future.

Find maps, rules and best practices to help plan your next snowmobiling trip.

Find opportunities to enjoy and explore public land over the winter.