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Map of this Area

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  • Camping

    • Random, no-service, camping is permitted.
    • Campsites and fires must be a least one kilometre (0.6 miles) from a Recreation Area, Provincial Park or a roadway. For further information see: Recreation on public land - Overview.
  • Motorized

    Motor Bike icon  Quad icon  Side by Side icon  Prohibited OHV  snowmobile

    • Off-highway vehicles (OHV) are not permitted.
    • Snowmobiles permitted only on designated trails from December 1 to March 1. For further information see: Know Before You Go: Snowmobiles.
  • Non-motorized

    hiking  horse riding  cross country skiing

  • Hunting


    • Alberta hunting regulations apply. For details on hunting regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at: Hunting: Regulations.
    • Hunting is not permitted in Provincial Recreation Areas (PRAs).
  • Fishing


    • Alberta fishing regulations apply. For details on fishing regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at: Fishing: Regulations.

About this area/PLUZ

This area was created in May 1999 to provide opportunities for non-motorized recreation and eliminate conflicts with summer motorized users.

This area is 27 square kilometres (10.4 square miles).

Legislation, management, and planning

Stewardship, monitoring, and biodiversity initiatives


Connect with us:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Regional Area Office – Whitecourt
Phone: 780-778-7153
Toll free: 310-LAND (5263) (in Alberta)

Call 310-LAND anytime to report illegal activity, public safety issues, and enforcement concerns on Crown land (public land, provincial parks and protected areas).

1st Floor, 5020 52 Avenue
Whitecourt, Alberta  T7S 1N2

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