For traditional design-bid-build contracts, tender packages are prepared in accordance with the Engineering Consultant Guidelines (Volume 1) – Design and Tender. Contract tender templates, special provisions, and specification amendments should be used where applicable. Specification shells for culvert tunneling projects are available for Alberta Transportation projects.

Construction costs for new construction and rehabilitation projects are summarized in the bridge cost data sheet (XLSM, 4.5 MB). Cost data is used in the development of project cost estimates and to assess construction costs.

Administration of bridge construction contracts including the requirements of consultant fabrication and construction inspection services are completed in accordance with the Engineering Consultant Guidelines for Highway and Bridge Projects (Volume 2) – Construction Contract Administration.

Bridge fabrication and construction inspection are comprehensive activities requiring in-depth knowledge of contract administration, technical engineering principles and an aptitude to work collaboratively with various stakeholders to build safe, efficient and durable bridge structures.

The Bridge Construction Inspection Manual Edition 3 (2019) includes Alberta Transportation’s bridge construction inspection practices and policies. It is a resource for inspectors, project managers and contractors. The Bridge Construction Inspection Manual Edition 3 (2019) Volume 1 provides commentary, interpretation and guidance on the provisions contained in:

The Bridge Construction Inspection Manual Edition 3 (2019) Volume 2 is a supplement to Volume 1, and consists of inspection check sheets that have been developed for each technical section contained within Volume 1. The inspection check sheets are provided as a resource to the bridge construction inspector for conducting regular inspection activities. Editable inspection check sheets (DOCX, 741 KB) can be modified for project specific requirements.

Alberta Transportation issues construction bulletins periodically to provide guidance related to administration of construction contracts. Current construction bulletins related to bridge structures are:

  • Construction bulletin 26 (PDF, 129 KB) – Gap Tolerance Inspections For Standard Finger Plate and Cover Plated V-Seal Deck Joints
  • Construction bulletin 28 (PDF, 85 KB) – Accreditation Requirements for Laboratories conducting Mill Test Report Verification