Bridges and other structures – Updates

Required document status updates for bridge engineering consultants.

The following updates have been made to bridges and structures technical standards web pages.

Table 1. Updates to bridges and structures technical standards

November 29, 2023Standard and Typical Detail DrawingsRevised Drawings
October 25, 2023Fabrication and ConstructionSSBC Specification Amendment
August 31, 2023Standard and Typical Detail DrawingsNew Standard SLC Girder Bridge Drawings
February 9, 2022New DesignNew Version of Bridge Structures Design Criteria
February 9, 2022New DesignRemoved BPG 6 (Integral Abutments) and BPG 12 (Bridge Deck Drainage)
February 9, 2022Standard and Typical Detail DrawingsDrawings Updated
November 24, 2020Fabrication and ConstructionBridge Fabrication Inspection Manual Edition 1
August 19, 2020Fabrication and ConstructionStandard Specification for Bridge Construction Edition 17
May 28, 2020New DesignNew version of Bridge Conceptual Design Guidelines
November 20, 2018New DesignNew version of Bridge Structures Design Criteria
November 20, 2018New DesignAdded NU Girder Design and Detailing Manual
November 20, 2018New DesignTypical Details Drawings Updated
May 10, 2017Bridge ManagementAdd BIM Advisory Bulletin #6
April 28, 2017New DesignNew version of Bridge Structures Design Criteria
April 28, 2017New DesignStandard Drawings and Typical Detail Drawings Updated
April 28, 2017ConstructionNew edition of Standard Specifications for Bridge Construction
January 15, 2017Bridge AssessmentsUpdated Bridge Load Evaluation Manual
January 15, 2017Bridge ManagementAdd BIM Advisory Bulletin #5
November 1, 2016Bridge ManagementAdd BIM Advisory Bulletin #4
August 2, 2016Bridge AssessmentsAdd link to Bridge Assessment Guidelines document
July 4, 2016New DesignModified the uses of SL/SLW Girders
May 6, 2016New DesignUpdated Bridge Conceptual Design Guidelines
May 6, 2016New DesignUpdated Design Guidelines for Bridge Sized Culverts
May 6, 2016New DesignBest Practice Guidelines (BPG) 12 removed
February 24, 2016Bridge ManagementUpdated Bridge Inspection and Maintenance – Certificate Process
January 21, 2016New DesignUpdated Engineering Drafting Guidelines for Highway and Bridge Projects
January 21, 2016Bridge ManagementUpdated link to Bridge Inventory Data
January 21, 2016Bridge ManagementAdded BIM Advisory Bulletin #3
January 6, 2016ConstructionBridge Construction Inspection Manual Updated
June 9, 2015Detail EngineeringReplaced BPG 12-Deck Drainage with new version
June 5, 2015Bridge AssessmentsAdd link to Bridge Load Evaluation Manual
February 19, 2015Bridge SafetyPage removed
February 17, 2015Local RoadAdd page with links to standard and typical detail drawings for local road bridges
January 26, 2015ConstructionReplace link to tender services unit costs with link to bridge cost spreadsheet
January 26, 2015MainAdd Updates section