The following are standard specifications for highway, bridge, and water construction projects that are referenced in tenders and form a portion of the contract.

General specifications

Standard specifications


At the conclusion of the tendering process, we will prepare an agreement from portions of the above information and the following additional documents:

Templates and forms


Construction, maintenance and non-engineering work valued at less than $50,000:

For all other construction-related work, see Tender document templates, provisions and specification amendments.

Third party claims

Information on third party claims:


Information for prime contractors:

Contractor performance management

The Contractor Performance Management (CPM) Program supports the strategic goal of protecting vital public services by ensuring the delivery of quality transportation projects on time, on budget and within scope. The CPM Program supports fiscal responsibility and stewardship of Alberta’s public finances. CPM is a fundamental contract management best practice that tracks and assesses the performance of contractors with respect to construction contracts.

Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors is informally launching (soft launching) the CPM program on construction contracts in 2022. We will review and incorporate feedback into the program later in the year once the program has been soft launched and department staff and contractors have had the opportunity to trial the program on actual projects.

Contact Arif Khan with questions and feedback on the program.

Dispute resolution

For contracts tendered in 2020 and onwards, the dispute resolution process is outlined in Specification Amendment to the General Specifications.

For contracts tendered prior to 2020, see the Dispute resolution process for Government of Alberta construction contracts.

Always refer to your contract documents to determine what applies to your specific contract.

Contract design change proposals

We recognize contractors may possess knowledge of technology, construction methods, equipment or materials, or can react to current market conditions that, if applied to the project, may provide an equivalent or improved final product at a reduced cost. We have developed a Contract Design Change Proposal (CDCP) process for contractors who have been awarded a contract to submit an alternative or design change. We encourage contractors to consider this process.

CDCPs can only be submitted after a contract is awarded to a contractor, but not before. The contract requirements for CDCPs are contained in Specification 1.2, General of the General Specifications for Highway and Bridge Construction.

See Contract Design Change Proposals for more information.