Benchmark of current grain flows

The catchment zones and grain flows for Western Canadian grains can be summed up as follows: Canadian processing for wheat, durum or barley is either in the main production zone for the grain or bordering it. For exported grains, end destination determines port choice. Wheat and barley are mainly going through west coast ports to reach Asian destinations. Durum is just as likely to go through an east coast port in order to reach Europe and the Middle East.

Since the US is a top importer of wheat, durum and barley, shipping via rail or road to the established processing facilities south of the border represents a viable route for all three crops. As new domestic and international opportunities for Canadian producers are realized they may end up changing these transportation flows, but only time will tell.

Report the report, Western Canadian Grain Catchment: Benchmark of Current Grain Flows of Canadian Wheat Board Grains.

See the report Appendix for wheat, durum and barley production density maps.