Alberta Wildfire

Find the status and location of wildfires, fire restrictions and bans, and learn more about wildfire prevention, operations and careers.

Call 310-FIRE (3473) to report a wildfire in a forested area.

Wildfire status

Find active wildfires on the wildfire dashboard, see wildfires of note and find the latest forest area updates.

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Helicoptor bucketing over a burning wildfire
Family evacuating

Emergency information

Find evacuation information for current emergencies, including travel advisories and financial support.

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Smoke rising from a forest

Find active fire advisories, restrictions, bans, forest closures, off-highway vehicle restrictions and what activities are allowed.

Learn about wildfires and what you can do to protect yourself and others.

An OHV trail in the Ghost PLUZ.

How to safely operate off-highway vehicles so they do not cause wildfires.

Find maps forecasting how conditions are expected to influence fire behaviour in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.