Report a wildfire: If you see a wildfire in a forested area call 310-FIRE (3473)


See Alberta’s wildfire dashboard for current year statistics.

See Alberta’s wildfire season statistics for statistics on past wildfire seasons.


For the most recent fire weather and fire danger maps, see Wildfire predictive services.

Wildfire data

Wildfire geospatial data

Current and historical wildfire and weather Geographic Information System (GIS) data can be viewed through the Alberta Geospatial Services Platform. See Accessing Wildfire GIS Data (PDF, 46 KB) for instructions on how to access the various data available.

Historical wildfire database

See data downloads and corresponding dictionaries for each time period.

Spatial wildfire data

The historical wildfire GIS data are available here as an ESRI Shapefile (contained within a downloadable ZIP file). The GIS datasets comprise polygon features representing wildfire perimeters and are in a Geographic Coordinate System with a NAD83 datum.

Historical Wildfire Perimeter Data: 1931 to 2022 (ZIP, 231.8 MB)

Historical Wildfire Perimeter Spatial Data Change Log (PDF, 77 KB)


For further information on historical spatial wildfire data, contact [email protected].

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