How you can help with wildfire response

Opportunities to assist with wildfire response.

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How you can help with wildfire response


Wildfires can have a significant impact on Albertans, our communities and our forests. There are several ways the public can contribute to wildfire response either through the Wildfire Reservist Program or contracting opportunities.

The safety of Albertans is our first priority. If your community is under threat of wildfire, follow the direction of your local emergency services.


Getting started in wildfire response begins with orientation and training. If you are interested in learning more about wildfire response and how you can contribute, watch the Wildfire Deployment Orientation video and contact your local Forestry office.

Wildfire Deployment Orientation is just one example of the online training courses that contractors and support staff are required to complete before being hired.

Wildfire Reservist Program

This program hires emergency firefighters if needed. Candidates receive training and must pass a fitness test.

We also have opportunities to fill support positions which include non-fire line roles such as stevedores, data entry, camp supervisors and other support staff.

To learn more about becoming involved, contact your local Forestry office or sign up using the form below.

Sign up to help

Sign up to help

Contracting opportunities

We use a variety of contractors to support wildfire response.

Contractors with heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, water trucks and personnel carriers are encouraged to complete a simple contract offer process which ensures we have access to additional heavy equipment if needed.

Additional specific online or in-person training is required.

We also contract for:

  • aircraft
  • firetack crews and training
  • single resources (specialist positions)
  • specialized equipment and services

Contract process

Go to Alberta Purchasing Connection to search for available contracts. Use keywords ‘forestry’ or ‘wildfire’ to begin your search.