Sustainable forest management, wildfire prevention and management, and forest tenure, trade and market access.


Harvesting rights in Alberta are granted through 3 forest tenure systems.

Find the status and location of wildfires, fire restrictions and bans, and learn more about wildfire prevention, operations and careers.

View Alberta government approved plans for harvesting and sustainably managing trees on Crown land.

Contacts for Forest Management and Wildfire area offices, including the Provincial Forest Fire Centre.

Information on forest products, markets and trade.

Alberta supports sustainable forest management through controlled timber harvesting and efficient harvesting techniques.

How forest management agreements work, including the list of current Alberta agreement holders and related documents.

Plans, guidelines and standards for sustainable forest management in Alberta.

Policy directives and standard operating procedures provide formal direction for Alberta's forest policy legislation.

Forms related to forestry businesses.

Forest Management Planning Standard, directives, standard operating procedures, and other standards and guidelines.

The Centre offers a variety of programs and services including Forestry staff training, disaster reception, a museum and research partner.

These professionals work with both the government and the forest industry to apply sound forestry principles and practices.

Plans, management, compliance and statistics related to the protection, conservation and sustainable management of forests.

Timber dues and crown fees, permits, damage assessment and quotas.

How to get a non-commercial tree cutting permit, and rules and maps for harvesting firewood, transplants and Christmas trees.