Wildfire status

Find active wildfires on the wildfire dashboard, see wildfires of note and find the latest forest area updates.

Call 310-FIRE (3473) to report a wildfire in a forested area.

Forest on fire with smoke in the air

Active wildfires

The location and details of all active wildfires and fire bans, restrictions and advisories in Alberta.

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Forest on fire with smoke in the air

Wildfires of note

A wildfire of note is determined to be of significant public interest and may pose a threat to public safety, communities or critical infrastructure.

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Emergency information

Find evacuation information for current emergencies, including travel advisories and financial support.

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Forest area updates

The Forest Protection Area is divided into 10 forest areas.

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Forest areas of Alberta map

To view current and forecasted fire danger for the Forest Protection Area of Alberta during wildfire season, see Fire danger.

Wildfire status definitions

Out of control: the wildfire is burning and is expected to continue growing.

Being held: given current weather conditions and resources, the wildfire is not anticipated to grow past expected boundaries.

Under control: the wildfire is completely contained and will be extinguished.

Mutual aid: the wildfire is outside of the Forest Protection Area and assistance is being provided to the lead agency.

Wildfire status: Explaining the stages of wildfire management

Changes to Alberta Wildfire dashboard: Mutual aid wildfires

Access wildfire data

To see current and historical wildfire and weather data, see Wildfire maps and data.

Wildfire preparedness

Learn what you can do to prepare yourself and others in the event of a wildfire. See Wildfire preparedness for more details.