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Our mandate

As legislated under the King’s Printer Act and Regulations, Alberta King’s Printer holds the responsibility as the official publisher of Alberta’s laws, The Alberta Gazette, Orders in Council, Ministerial Orders, and official materials. We partner with Government of Alberta ministries to produce and distribute various government publications and official materials. We ensure you have accurate, up-to-date access to current legislation in a variety of formats to meet your needs. Point-in-time versions of the laws and historical access to materials is made available through the KP Source Professional subscription.

Alberta King’s Printer materials are owned by the Government of Alberta and protected by law, including copyright and marks under the Trade Marks Act (Canada).

Terms of use – How to cite Alberta legislation

  • Acts

    Acts (statutes) are referred to by their titles. For court and other legal purposes, a complete citation would consist of the title of the act followed by a reference to the more recent of:

    • the most recent statute revision in which that act was included
    • the year in which the act was enacted (received Royal Assent)
    • the chapter number of the act

    The statute revision is cited in this form: Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000. This may be abbreviated as: RSA 2000.

    Years of enactment are cited in this form: Statutes of Alberta, 2001. This may be abbreviated as: SA 2001.

    Entirely new public Acts are given alphanumeric chapter numbers – other acts are numbered Chapter 1, 2, 3 etc.

    Here are some examples of citations of acts:

    • Business Corporations Act (RSA 2000 cB-9)
    • Hospitals Act (RSA 1980 cH-11)
    • Alberta Personal Income Tax (Tools Credit) Amendment Act, 2001 (Chapter 18 SA 2001)
  • Regulations

    Regulations may be cited by its title, or as "Alberta Regulation" or "Alta. Reg." or "AR" followed by its number, a slash and the last 2 figures of the calendar year of the filing of the regulation.

    For example, the Seat Belt Regulation may be cited as:

    • Seat Belt Regulation
    • Seat Belt Regulation, Alberta Regulation 258/87
    • Seat Belt Regulation (Alta. Reg. 258/87)
    • Seat Belt Regulation (AR 258/87)

    Beginning with regulations filed in the year 2000, all 4 figures of the calendar year are used in Alberta Regulation numbers.

    For example:

    • Change of Name Regulation (AR 16/2000)

Note: for Ministerial Orders and Orders in Council, follow the same citing standards listed above for regulations.