Ministerial Orders

A Ministerial Order is an order created under the authority granted to a minister under a statute or regulation.


A Ministerial Order is issued for a variety of purposes, including program delivery, creating committees, appointing committee members, setting rates and fees, designating positions and vesting Ministerial authority in others. Ministerial Orders can also make regulations.

Ministerial Orders reflect the name of the leading ministry at the time the order was issued. They are not updated to reflect changes to a ministry’s name. Where possible, when using the search functions below, use the name of the ministry at the time an order was issued.

Search Ministerial Orders

Two types of searches are currently available:

All Ministerial Orders remain under the ownership of the issuing ministry. Questions related to the content within a Ministerial Order should be directed to the responsible government department.

Publish a Ministerial Order

All government departments can request to have Ministerial Orders published. The centralization, standardization and timely publishing of Ministerial Orders ensures that citizens can easily locate them, as well as improves transparency and openness. Ministerial Orders may take up to 2 to 5 business days to appear on the website.

For further publishing information, or questions contact: [email protected].

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