Annual Volumes

The Annual Volumes contain the public and private acts as they were enacted by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.


Each year, the public acts and private acts enacted by the Legislature that year (bills that receive Royal Assent) are published by Alberta King's Printer in a hard-cover volume. These Annual Volumes of the Statutes of Alberta are the authoritative source that should be consulted for the purposes of interpreting and applying the law.

Public acts – include entirely new public acts, public amendment acts, repeal acts and appropriation acts.

Private acts – are brought forward (or petitioned) by Members of the Legislative Assembly, and do not affect the population as a whole.

Each Annual Volume contains:

  • table of contents that lists the acts by chapter number
  • alphabetical list of acts
  • public acts enacted in that year
  • private acts enacted in that year
  • reference materials (at the end of the volume)

The first page of each act displays the:

  • bill number under which the act was introduced in the Legislative Assembly (in the upper left-hand corner)
  • title of the act
  • chapter number assigned to the act
  • date on which the act was given Royal Assent

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