Tender document templates, provisions and specification amendments

Templates and information used to create tender documents with Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors.

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Transportation construction tendering and contracting


The Government of Alberta procures billions of dollars in goods, services and construction every year.

Alberta procurements adheres to the principles stated in the Procurement Accountability Framework.

The Procurement Accountability Framework has been developed to:

  • reinforce fairness, transparency and integrity in the procurement process
  • add rigour and accountability to ministry processes
  • drive consistency and discipline in contracting
  • contain appropriate controls and a shared set of values and ethics

To ensure consistency in tendering, do not alter the templates, special provisions, specification amendments and supplemental specifications provided.

Project specific tender templates in Microsoft Word format are available through the Project Administrator.

See the PMA Delivery: Consultant's User Guide for instructions on how to create and/or edit these documents.

A Quick Guide for Reviewing Tenders is available to assist in the review of tender documents. Ensure that each of the items are addressed prior to submitting your documents.

Tender templates

Unit price schedule

The following bid item list is provided for information only. All unit price schedules for Transportation tenders are to be created through Program Management Application (PMA) Delivery.

Special provisions


Table 1. Special provisions – General

NumberSpecial ProvisionDate
SPB_040Accommodation of Nautical TrafficFebruary 2024
SPC_001Diesel Fuel Cost AdjustmentSeptember 2023
SPC_002Asphalt Cement Cost AdjustmentOctober 2023
SPC_005PartneringMay 2021
SPC_012Construction Scheduling and Interim Completion DatesJanuary 2020
SPC_009Seal Coat ContractsOctober 2019

Bridge structures

Table 2. Special provisions – Bridge structures

NumberSpecial ProvisionDate
SPC_027Culverts Constructed Under High Fills 


Table 3. Special provisions – Grading


Table 4. Special provisions – Environment

NumberSpecial ProvisionDate
SPE_002Environmental Control 
SPE_025Pre-disturbance Wildlife Sweep Requirements
Presence of Protected Wildlife and Wildlife Features Unlikely
February 2023
SPE_026Pre-disturbance Wildlife Sweep Requirements
Cliff Swallow Nesting Present
February 2023
SPE_027Pre-disturbance Wildlife Sweep Requirements
Additional survey(s) required
February 2023
SPC_E005Reclaiming Abandoned Water Wells 
 Turbidity (see Transportation and water project environmental requirements) 
SPC_022Control of Clubroot 
SPC_024Decontamination of Construction Equipment 


Table 5. Special provisions – Surfacing


Table 6. Special provisions – Geotechnical

Specification amendments

General specifications

Table 7. Special amendments – General

Standard specifications for bridge construction

Table 8. Specification amendments – Bridge construction

Standard specifications for highway construction

Table 9. Specification amendments – Highway construction

Supplemental specifications

Standard specifications for highway construction

Table 10. Supplemental specifications – Highway construction