Transportation construction – Information for new bidders

Requirements businesses must meet before they can bid on Alberta Transportation highway, bridge and water management tenders.

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All tender opportunities and results are advertised on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website. For more information, see Transportation contracting.

Bidding requirements

There are 2 mandatory requirements for contractors to bid on Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors' highway, bridge, and water management tenders:

  • Registration with Alberta Corporate Registry. For information on registration of your corporation, contact Corporate Registry at 780-427-2311.
  • The contractor must be safety certified through a Certificate of Recognition (COR) or a valid Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC).

These requirements are solely the responsibility of the bidder and may take time to obtain.

Safety certification

Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe workplace for consultants, contractors and government employees.

The department requires most contractors and consultants working on department contracts to have safety certification that is recognized by the Alberta government.

A COR, TLC or Certificate of Recognition Equivalency Letter (COREL) issued by the Alberta Construction Safety Association are acceptable.

A small employer's certificate of recognition is not acceptable.

A valid COR or TLC is a mandatory requirement for the following types of work:

  • all construction services work for highways, bridges and water management projects
  • all highway/bridge maintenance
  • all consulting agreements, where the work is classified to be high hazard as defined in the Occupational Heath and Safety Regulation

For information about obtaining a COR, TLC or COREL, contact the Alberta Construction Safety Association.