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Driver’s licences are valid for 1-to-5 years, depending on a number of factors, including your class of licence, medical status and age. It is illegal to drive with an expired driver’s licence.

Renew a driver's licence

Go to a registry agent to renew your driver’s licence. You must bring your old licence.

Drivers with a medical condition (licences with a condition medical code “C”), 75 years of age or older or who hold a professional driver’s licence Class 1, 2 and 4 must bring a completed medical form. A medical examination required to obtain or renew a driver’s licence is not insured under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. As an uninsured service, physicians are permitted to charge patients for drivers’ medical exams. Physicians are private business persons and are able to determine their own rates or fees related to uninsured services.

If the photograph is four or more years old on your licence, a new one will have to be taken.

If you do not require a medical for renewal, you can renew your licence up to one year before the expiry date. Some things to consider when choosing the time to renew your licence:

  • you’re planning a vacation
  • other life events will make it difficult for you to renew your card when it expires
  • you’re moving
    • you will save on paying the extra change of address fee and will extend the term of your licence

If your driver’s licence expired more than 6 months ago, you’ll need to provide proof of legal entitlement to be in Canada (birth certificate, passport, etc.) as well as proof of your residency in Alberta (utility bill, residential lease agreement, etc.).

If it expired more than 3 years ago, you will need to pass the written and road tests before a new driver’s licence will be issued.

Cost for renewing a licence

The maximum charge for renewing a driver's licence card (not including GST) is outlined in the Registry Agent Product Catalogue.

Drivers with a medical condition or who hold a professional driver’s licence must bring a completed medical form.

Replace a driver's licence

Get a replacement licence at a registry agent for a fee if your licence has been lost, stolen, or destroyed.

If your licence was stolen, it is recommend that you contact the police and obtain a police report. You will receive a police case report number that will be recorded with Alberta registries.

You will need to provide valid identification to replace your driver’s licence.

Renew or replace a driver’s licence remotely

If you require a new driver’s licence and you are unable to attend a registry agent in person because you are either temporarily outside of Alberta or are medically homebound, you can apply for a new licence by completing the Remote Driver's Licence/ID Card Application (REG11197).

You must have last held an Alberta driver’s licence and will need to provide proof of identification and Alberta residency with your application.

You can send your application and the applicable fees to any Alberta registry agent.

At the time of your next driver’s licence service, you will be required to provide proof of Alberta residency and Canadian legal presence.

Interim driver’s licence

The registry agent will provide you with a 30-day temporary interim licence to use until your new driver’s licence arrives in the mail (up to 21 days).

Your interim paper licence will not have a photograph. If you anticipate needing photo ID during this period, we recommend you carry with you some other form of photo ID (for example, a passport).

Your new permanent licence card will arrive in the mail within 3 weeks of your application date.

When you receive your new driver’s licence card, you must tear apart the temporary driver’s licence

If your card has not arrived in 21 days, call the number on the back of your temporary licence. You may be asked to go back to the registry agent office to order a no-charge replacement, and you’ll be issued a new 30-day temporary driver’s licence.

If you don’t report a missing card within 60 days of the day you applied, you may be charged for a replacement.

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