Driver’s licence security features

The redesigned driver’s licence and identification cards provide better protection for Albertans.


Alberta’s new driver’s licence and ID cards include:

  • updated security features that make the cards harder to alter or replicate
  • updated designs to reflect Alberta’s landscape and history

The cards are the first in North America to integrate this combination of design and security features to provide the best possible protection from fraud.

This newer technology also makes them less expensive to make than the old cards.

The new cards are available now. Your current driver’s licence or ID is still valid until its expiry date. New cards will be issued at the time of renewal.

New designs

The designs use a fine line technique that is difficult to replicate.

The driver’s licence design depicts Castle Mountain and the Bow River in Banff National Park to reflect Alberta’s connection to the Canadian Rockies and the Prairies.

The ID card features a Wild Rose, Alberta’s provincial flower.

Both cards include an image of an Albertosaurus, a dinosaur whose name honours Alberta, where its remains were first discovered.

Alberta's new driver's licence
Alberta's new identification card

Security features

Some security features on the cards can be verified using a look-listen-feel approach.


  • Close-up of primary licence photo
    Primary photo

    A high-definition photo is laser-engraved over the printed background so fine lines run through the photo.

  • Driver's licence face windows
    Look-through windows

    Three transparent windows — one in the shape of Alberta, which contains a smaller size photo, and two in the shape of maple leaves. Photo placement is precise and can be seen from both sides of the card.

  • Rainbow printing design feature
    Rainbow printing

    See a gradual transition of colour from one part of the card to another. The colour transition is difficult to scan and replicate.

  • Driver's licence "ghost" date of birth
    “Ghost” date of birth

    The security background is visible through the characters of the birth month and year.

  • Close-up of Alberta shield on licence plate
    Alberta shield

    The embossed Alberta shield can be seen and felt in the lower part of the clear window.

  • Close-up of Albertosaurus image on licence
    Albertosaurus image

    The placement of the dinosaur is precise in relation to the Alberta window, the tail appears to travel through, in perfect alignment from front to back.


Listen for a “tin” like sound when the card is dropped on a hard surface, which is unlike credit cards or bank cards.


  • Driver's licence laser engraving text
    Raised text

    Feel the raised text on the driver’s licence number, date of birth, date of expiry and signature. The data is engraved into the core of the card, making it difficult to alter or replicate.

  • Driver's licence clear laser engraving
    Clear laser engraving

    Feel the clear lettering (date of birth and sex) to the left of the photo.

  • Driver's licence surface embossing
    Surface embossing

    A fine line pattern covers the front surface of the card, which can be seen and felt. Graphical details in the pattern include the Alberta signature, the Alberta provincial shield, the seal of the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services and wheat graphics.

  • Driver's licence albertosaurus image
    Albertosaurus image

    Feel the Albertosaurus image raised above the card surface. The graphic is laser-engraved to create a 3D effect.