Who provides services

Your Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) worker will help you with plans to get services that meet your needs and goals. Depending on your situation, your supports may come from one or more of these service providers:

  • agencies or individuals specializing in helping people with disabilities
  • the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program
  • other provincial programs such as Alberta Aids to Daily Living or Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)
  • community services such as recreation programs

Your PDD worker will also help you and your family or guardian decide how to access these services.

How to access services

There are 2 options for accessing services through the PDD program. You can choose one option or both. It is also possible to change options. The type and amount of services are based on your needs. If your needs change, your services can change at any time.

The 2 options include:

Family Managed Services

This option allows you to hire your own staff to provide some or all of your services. When you pick this option, either you or your family, your legal guardian, or a close friend sign a Family Managed Service (FMS) Agreement with the PDD program. The person who signs the agreement becomes an FMS Administrator and is part of your support team. They are not paid for this job.

The FMS Administrator has many responsibilities, including:

  • creating an Individual Support Plan with you and your family, friends and anyone else on your support team, your PDD worker and agencies you are receiving services from
  • hiring, training and supervising staff to provide your supports
  • being a good employer by:

Important Notice

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  • taking part in information sessions or training when asked by the PDD program such as the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocols to know how to stay safe
  • staying in contact with your PDD worker in person, by phone or email and:
    • telling them how things are going with your plans
    • getting help finding solutions when your needs change

There are PDD resources available if you want to learn more about Family Managed Services and decide if it is right for you.


When you choose this option, your PDD worker will help you choose one or more agencies to meet your needs. These agencies must work with you and your PDD worker, legal guardian, family, friends and anyone else on your support team to:

  • create your Individual Support Plan
  • review the Outcome Plan your PDD worker created with you and the Individual Support Plan
  • change any services to meet your needs

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