About climate indicators

The Government of Alberta is currently working to analyze province-wide datasets for indicators that best communicate the condition of Alberta’s climate. These indicators will be added here when available. In the meantime, explore the resources below to learn more about climate work and results in Alberta.

Related publications

Scientific Paper: Long Term Trend Analysis of River Flow and Climate in Northern Canada
Date published: November 2022
Authors: Zaghloul, M.S., E, Ghaderpour, H. Dastour, B. Farjad, A. Gupta, H. Eum, G. Achari, and Q.K. Hassan

Scientific Paper: Wavelet-based spatiotemporal analyses of climate and vegetation for the Athabasca river basin in Canada
Date published: November 2022
Authors: Dastour, H., E. Ghaderpour, M.S. Zaghloul, B. Farjad, A. Gupta, H. Eum, G. Achari, and Q.K. Hassan

Scientific Paper: Spatial and Temporal Shifts in Historic and Future Temperature and Precipitation Patterns Related to Snow Accumulation and Melt Regimes in Alberta, Canada
Date published: April 2021
Authors: Newton, B.W., Farjad, B., and Orwin, J.F.

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Climate monitoring

Learn more about climate monitoring in Alberta: Environmental monitoring.

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