Condition of the environment – Fish and wildlife indicators

Learn about indicators reporting on trends in Alberta's fish and wildlife.

About fish and wildlife indicators

The Government of Alberta is currently working to analyze province-wide datasets for indicators that best communicate the condition of Alberta’s fish and wildlife. These indicators will be added here when available. In the meantime, explore the resources below to learn more about fish and wildlife work and results in Alberta.

Related publications

Scientific Paper: No evidence of sustained recovery of native trout in response to angling suppression of invasive Brook Trout
Date published: April 2023
Authors: Sinnatamby, R.N., A. Cantin, A.J. Paul, J. Earle and J.R. Post

Scientific Paper: Migratory connectivity and variation in migration phenology within the Pacific population of Barrow's Goldeneye (Bucephala islandica)
Date published: December 2022
Authors: Forstner, T. M., W.S. Boyd, D. Esler, T.D. Bowman, J.L. Schamber, M. McAdie, J.E. Thompson and D.J. Green

Scientific Paper: Genomic legacy of migration in endangered caribou
Date published: February 2022
Authors: Cavedon, M., B. vonHoldt, M. Hebblewhite, T. Hegel, E. Heppenheimer, D. Hervieux, S. Mariani, H. Schwantje, R.  Steenweg, J. Theoret, M. Watters and M. Musiani

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Fish and wildlife monitoring

Access data and learn more about how Alberta’s Environmental Science Program monitors the distribution of wildlife across the province including species at risk and invasive species: Environmental monitoring.