Condition of the environment – Plants, land and wetlands indicators

Learn about indicators reporting on Alberta’s plants, land and wetlands.

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About plants, land and wetland indicators

The Government of Alberta is currently working to analyze province-wide datasets for indicators that communicate the health and integrity of Alberta’s plants, land and wetlands. These indicators will be added here when available. In the meantime, explore the resources below to learn more about plants, land and wetlands work and results in Alberta.

Related publications

Scientific Paper: Evaluating the development and use of a rapid wetland assessment tool (ABWRET-A) in policy implementation in Alberta, Canada
Date published: July 2022
Authors: Rooney, R.C., O. Royall, D.T. Robinson, D. Cobbaert, M. Trites-Russell and M. Wilson

Scientific Paper: Estimating lichen biomass in forests and peatlands of northwestern Canada in a changing climate
Date published: May 2022
Authors: Errington, R.C., S.E. Macdonald, N.A. Melnycky and J.S. Bhattia

Scientific Paper: Identifying Conifer Tree vs. Deciduous Shrub and Tree Regeneration Trajectories in a Space-for-Time Boreal Peatland Fire Chronosequence Using Multispectral Lidar
Date published: January 2022
Authors: Enayetullah H., L. Chasmer, C. Hopkinson, D. Thompson and D. Cobbaert

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Plant, land and wetland monitoring

Learn more about:

  • plants, land and wetland monitoring in Alberta
  • how cumulative effects are tracked and measured across Alberta landscapes
  • how adaptive monitoring systems are being applied to improve our ability to respond to cumulative effects on Alberta’s environment: Environmental monitoring
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