All water management specifications are developed using Civil Works Master Specification (CWMS). The CWMS was developed to ensure consistency in the content and quality of contract specifications for water management contracts.

CWMS User Guide

Division 00 – Procurement and contracting requirements

Table 1. Division 00

Section numberSection nameRevision date
0001.1Data Sheet – Sample Cover For Volume 12021-10-26
000.1Civil Works Master Specifications Cover2021-10-26
00010Table of Contents2021-10-26
00015List of Drawings2021-10-26
00200Instructions to Bidders2021-10-26
00210Bid Security2021-10-26
00250Pre-Bid Meeting2021-10-26
00300Information Documents2021-10-26
00411Stipulate Price Bid Form2021-10-26
00425Unit Price Bid Form2021-10-26
00431Schedule of Prices2021-10-26
00440List of Subcontractors and Cost Breakdown2021-10-26
00441List of Subcontractors2021-10-26
00525Agreement Form2021-10-26
00571Definitions and Interpretations2021-10-26
00612Contract Performance Security2021-10-26
00614Letter of Credit in Lieu of Holdback2021-10-26
00614AStandby Letter of Credit2021-10-26
00616Security for Payment of Claims2021-10-26
00625Insurance Condition2021-10-26
00625ACertificate of Liability Insurance2021-10-26
00625BCertificate of Property Insurance2021-10-26
00630Payment Conditions2021-10-26
00630AStatutory Declaration of Payment Distribution2021-10-26
00639Public Works Act Claims2021-10-26
00639ANotice of Public Works Act Claim2021-10-26
00725General Conditions2021-10-26
00805Supplementary Conditions - Diesel Fuel Cost Adjustment2021-10-26

Division 01 – General requirements

Table 2. Division 01

Section numberSection nameRevision date
01110Summary of Work2017-08-01
01114Permanent Service Lines and Connections2017-08-01
01116Contract Assignment2017-08-01
01118Assignable Contracts2017-08-01
01250Changes in Contract Proposal2017-08-01
01275Measurement Rules2017-08-01
01280Measurement Schedule2017-08-01
01311Management and Coordination2017-08-01
01312Contract Meetings2017-08-01
01321Bar Chart Construction Schedule2017-08-01
01322Network Analysis Construction Schedule2017-08-01
01390ECO Plan2017-08-01
01391Environmental Protection2017-08-01
01410Regulatory Requirements2017-08-01
01411Work Site Safety2017-08-01
01452Quality Control and Quality Assurance2017-08-01
01510Existing and Temporary Utilities2017-08-01
01520Construction Facilities2017-08-01
01552Existing and Temporary Roads2017-08-01
01601Products and Execution2017-08-01
01621Product Options and Substitutions2017-08-01
01722Site Surveying2017-08-01
01742Final Cleanup2017-08-01
01775.0Contract Acceptance Procedures2017-08-01
01775.1Certificate of Substantial Performance2017-08-01
01775.2Certificate of Total Performance2017-08-01
01775.3Certificate of Warranty Performance2017-08-01
01785Contract Record Documents2017-08-01
01790Operation and Maintenance Data2017-08-01
01795Spare Parts and Maintenance Products2017-08-01

Division 02 – Sitework

Table 3. Division 02

Section numberSection nameRevision date
02111Environmental Site Remediation of Hydrocarbons2017-08-01
02220Demolition, Salvage, and Removal2017-08-01
02232Site Clearing and Grubbing2017-08-01
02234Topsoil and Subsoil Stripping2017-08-01
02240Care of Water2017-08-01
02242Turbidity Barriers7559/07) 2007-
02244Fish Capture and Release2017-08-01
02316Excavation [Canal]2017-08-01
02330Earthwork Materials2017-08-01
02331Fill Placement2017-08-01
02332Waste Fill Placement2017-08-01
02333Designated Granular Sources2017-08-01
02371Gravel Armour Placement2017-08-01
02372Riprap Placement2017-08-01
02373Riprap and Riprap Bedding Placement2017-08-01
02380Polyvinyl Chloride Canal Lining2017-08-01
02457Timber Piling2017-08-01
02458Steel H-Piling2017-08-01
02459Steel Sheet Piling2017-08-01
02610Corrugated Steel Pipe2017-08-01
02611Corrugated Steel Pipe and Structures2017-08-01
02612Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe Structures2017-08-01
02613Precast Concrete Manholes2017-08-01
02615Polyvinyl Chloride Drain Pipe2017-08-01
02616Polyvinyl Chloride Pressure Pipe2017-08-01
02617Precast Concrete Pipe2017-08-01
02822Chain Link Fencing2017-08-01
02825Barbed Wire Fencing2017-08-01
02842Vehicle Access Control Gates2017-08-01
02843Texas Gates2017-08-01
02844W-Beam Guardrail2017-08-01
02846Box-Beam Guardrail2017-08-01
02847Cable Barrier2017-08-01
02910Topsoil and Subsoil Placement2017-08-01
02923Drill Seeding2017-08-01
02930Soil Erosion Protection2017-08-01

Division 03 – Concrete

Division 03 Instructions for Specs Writers

Division 03

Table 4. Division 03

Section No.Section NameRevision Date
03110Concrete Formwork2006-10-31
03150Polyvinyl Chloride Waterstop2006-10-31
03151Concrete Accessories2006-10-31
03210Reinforcing Steel2006-10-31
03300Cast-in-Place Concrete [Major Projects]2006-10-31
03305Cast-in-Place Concrete [Minor Projects]2006-10-31
03371Roller Compacted Concrete2006-10-31
03400Precast Concrete Structures2006-10-31
03604Bedding Grout2006-10-31

Division 04 – Masonry

Not in use.

Division 05 – Metals

Division 05 Instructions for Specs Writers

Division 05

Table 5. Division 05

Section No.Section NameRevision Date
05505Metal Fabrications2017-08-01

Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, and Composites

Not in use.

Division 07 – Thermal and Moisture Protection

Not in use.

Division 08 – Openings

Division 08 Instructions for Specs Writers

Division 08

Table 6. Division 08

Section No.Section NameRevision Date
08115Hollow Metal Doors and Frames2017-08-01

Division 09 – Finishes

Not in use.

Division 10 – Specialities

Not in use.

Division 11 – Equipment

Division 11 Instructions for Specs Writers

Division 11

Table 7. Division 11

Section No.Section NameRevision Date
11280Medium Duty Slide Gates2017-08-01
11281Heavy Duty Slide Gates2017-08-01
11282Flap Gates2017-08-01

Division 13 – Special Construction

Division 13 Instructions for Specs Writers

Division 13

Table 8. Division 13

Section No.Section NameRevision Date
13530Geotechnical Instruments2017-08-01

Division 22 – Plumbing

Not in use.

Division 23 – Heating, Ventilating and Air Condition (HVAC)

Not in use.

Division 25 – Integrated Automation

Not in use.

Division 26 – Electrical

Not in use.

Division 27 – Communication

Not in use.

Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security

Not in use.

Division 31 – Earthwork

Not in use.

Division 32 – Exterior Improvements

Not in use.

Division 35 – Waterway and Marine Construction

Not in use.


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