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Boilers and pressure vessels codes

Boiler and pressure vessels codes and standards including dangers of misusing propane cylinders.


The boilers and pressure vessels discipline establishes and interprets the codes, standards and respective regulations under the Safety Codes Act.

Municipal Affairs works with the Safety Codes Council and the Alberta Boilers Safety Association to develop and provide information to the boiler and pressure vessels industry.


A certificate of inspection permit is required prior to the installation of a boiler or pressure vessel being placed in service.

To get a certificate of inspection permit, contact the Alberta Boilers Safety Association.

Codes and standards

For information on the codes and standards in force for the pressure equipment discipline in Alberta, check the current list of applicable codes on the Alberta Boiler Safety Association website.

Misuse of propane cylinders

Propane cylinders are designed to store and handle propane. When they are used for other purposes than their intended safe design, a number of dangerous things happen to the cylinders.

Read Dangerous misuse of propane cylinders to learn why you should never use propane cylinders for anything other than handling and storing propane.

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