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The private sewage standards set out design standards, installation standards and material requirements for on-site private sewage systems handling less than 25 cubic metres (5,500 Imperial gallons) of sewage volume per day.

The Private Sewage Disposal Systems Regulation 229/97, as amended by AR 196/2015, adopts the 2015 Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice.

Codes and standards

Purchase codes and standards

Past codes

  • Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 2015 – Declared in force on January 1, 2016
  • Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 2009 – In force from October 5, 2009 to December 31, 2015
  • Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 1999 – In force from June 1, 1999 to October 4, 2009



These STANDATA bulletins are for interpretations, clarifications, recommended practices or provincewide variances on codes and standards matters related to the Safety Codes Act or on related topics.

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Certified contractors

Contractors must have a current certificate of competency to obtain permits for private sewer system design and installations in Alberta.

Contractors who currently hold a Private Sewage Certificate or a Restricted Private Sewage Certificate are also qualified to obtain permits for sewer and water services in Alberta.


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