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The annual application deadline for this program is 11:59 pm on October 15.

How to apply

Applications are being accepted for Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program (WRRP) funding. These documents provide guidance to prospective WRRP applicants and an overview of WRRP strategic objectives. Refer to the Grant Application Overview and Guide to ensure project eligibility before applying, and review the Checklist prior to submitting your application.

About the program

The primary objective of the WRRP is to increase the natural ability of the province's watersheds to reduce the intensity, magnitude, duration and effects of flooding and drought through watershed mitigation measures.

Additionally, the program aims to address impacts of past flooding and/or droughts through the restoration of degraded areas in priority watersheds, which will enhance communities' ability to withstand future flooding or droughts.

Finally, the program seeks to promote the ongoing stewardship and preservation of key components of Alberta's watersheds.


The WRRP aims to improve natural watershed functions in order to build greater long-term resiliency to droughts and floods through 4 areas of focus:

  1. Restoration and enhancement of degraded or lost wetlands, riparian areas and floodplains within priority watersheds to improve flood and drought resiliency.
  2. Conservation of critical wetlands, riparian areas and floodplain features within priority watersheds, with these areas being given greater consideration for preserving by decision makers and landowners.
  3. Stewardship is increased through greater understanding and awareness among the public, land-use decision makers and other key stakeholders of the importance of watershed functions, and their relationship to flood and drought mitigation.
  4. Data, research and information are available to support the WRRP and aid future decision-making.

Program reports

WRRP Progress Report

See the WRRP progress reports for information on the status of the program, project contacts and partners:

Priority areas

These maps provide information about flood, drought and water quality priority areas in Alberta. The maps were developed to inform decisions on the allocation of grant funds. They do not represent the state of the watershed and should not be used for any purpose other than informing program applications.

The objective of the WRRP prioritization project was to identify priority watersheds for allocation of program resources using an objective and scientifically rigorous approach. The summary report provides a description of the methodology used to identify priority areas. Contact program staff for the full report.


The WRRP is being implemented with the help of partners who have expertise in watershed management, from habitat restoration and fisheries improvement to natural hazard mitigation and wetland conservation.

Through collaboration with stakeholders, natural watershed functions are being improved and sustained to build greater long-term resiliency to droughts and floods utilizing an integrated watershed approach.

Approved grants

Read approved grants, recipients and project details from past rounds of WRRP funding:

Resources for municipalities and partners


View webinars and information supported by the WRRP.

Sample projects

Find out more about WRRP-supported projects.

Land-use decision making

Conservation of critical watershed functions is a key element of the WRRP, which is achieved in part by protecting riparian areas from development. 'Stepping back from the Water' is a guidebook for municipalities to use when making land-use decisions.

The WRRP conducted a Municipal Needs Assessment survey to better understand how to work with Alberta municipalities to ensure the functions of riparian areas and wetlands are maintained. The summary report presents feedback received from participants within watersheds identified as high priority for flood and drought resiliency improvements.

The valuable information received through this survey, and other direct engagement with municipalities and program partners, informed the development of a toolkit for the 'Stepping Back from the Water' guidebook to assist municipalities in making decisions about new developments around water bodies. Watch for project updates on this web page.


Connect with the WRRP program:

For general inquiries:
Email: [email protected]

For more information or clarification, contact the Program Coordinator:
Email: [email protected]

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