Environmental stewardship – Funding opportunities

These programs provide funding to partners to protect and conserve important ecosystems across Alberta.

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Alberta’s land, water, biodiversity and natural resources benefit from strong partnerships of stewards. Alberta’s government:

  • fosters these partnerships with municipalities, non-profits, landowners, land trusts and others
  • funds and supports a wide-variety of environmental stewardship programs across the province

Funding priorities

These funding opportunities conserve, restore and enhance Alberta’s environment, including these priorities:

  • Conserve ecological biodiversity by maintaining large areas of native landscape.
  • Conserve, restore and connect wildlife habitat corridors.
  • Support watershed functions for healthy aquatic ecosystems, flood and drought mitigation, and water quality.
  • Support ecosystem services that benefit the economy, human health and recreational opportunities.


If your organization is interested in participating in a program or applying for a funding opportunity, review the following chart and follow the link to that program page for more details.

ProgramProgram goalApplication deadline
Alberta Land Trust Grant ProgramConserve private land by supporting land trust organizations to establish new conservation easements and support new conservation projects on land owned by land trusts.September 15
Alberta’s Public Land Trails Grant ProgramSupport recreation partners to maintain public land trails, provide unique trail experiences, improve user safety, promote healthy lifestyles, build ecological knowledge and contribute to local tourism.January 7
Rangeland Sustainability ProgramPromote the conservation and long-term sustainability of Alberta’s rangelands and the ecosystem services these working landscapes provide to Albertans.November 10
Watershed Resiliency and Restoration ProgramImprove flood and drought resiliency through conservation, restoration and enhancement of Alberta’s watersheds.September 15
Wetland Replacement ProgramRe-establish wetland ecology by providing resources for collaborative wetland restoration or construction projects across the province.Open year-round
Watercourse Crossing Remediation Grant ProgramRemediate and reclaim water crossings along roads, trail and trails that are causing erosion, excessive sedimentation and fragmentation of fish habitat in Alberta.October 15


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