Highwood River Basin Flood Mitigation

Flood mitigation projects protect the town of High River from Highwood River flooding.

Local flood mitigation projects will help protect the Town of High River from the Highwood River's flow during flood conditions.

Budget 2015 included funding for critical local mitigation projects in High River, including the southwest berm, 5th Street berm, and modelling work both within and downstream of the town.

As per the recommendations of Dutch research foundation Deltares, a diversion of the Highwood River will not go forward. This decision gives Town administration the clarity it needs to design and build the southwest berm, a key section of an upgraded system of flood barriers in High River.

Deltares found that a more environmentally-sustainable and cost-effective flood mitigation strategy for High River is to remove more obstacles from the river channel to increase the amount of water that can safely flow through the town.

The Town of High River, the Municipal District of Foothills, and the Province are now assessing specific opportunities to improve the capacity of the Highwood River through the town.