Evaluators need to understand why the job exists, determine the focus of the work and have a sound understanding of the job responsibilities, then assess it against the:

  • stream definitions for each Subsidiary work group by considering the stream descriptor in its entirety rather than isolated phrases
  • guide charts
  • benchmark jobs developed for each Subsidiary and Stream, which identify the number of levels and characterize the difference between the work in each level in a Stream

In some cases, it may be necessary to assess the work by using the guide charts and benchmarks for the management plan.

The following questions can be used as a guide:

  • Which Subsidiary and Stream do the job responsibilities fall within?
  • What is the rating?
  • Which benchmark job aligns with the kind and level of work?
  • Where appropriate, do the job responsibilities compare to the Management Job Evaluation Plan and the benchmarks?

Work currently performed within the Correctional and Regulatory Services component of the Government of Alberta has been evaluated using a point rating system. To assess whether a job falls within this component, consider the type of work performed. Determine the focus of the job: why does the job exist? Once you have clarified the job's purpose, determine whether the job belongs in this Subsidiary and, if so, in which Stream. In general, the work in this component is to ensure the safety of people and property in a variety of areas and has a focus on highway legislation enforcement, offender management within and outside of correctional facilities and the maintenance of personal and physical security within the courthouse environment, legislature building, Alberta museums and public events. Three groupings have been recognized in the Correctional and Regulatory Services component of the Alberta Public Service. These are:

Stream definitions

  • Correctional Peace Officer

    This work focuses on performing security and offender supervision functions in adult or young offender centres to ensure the care, custody and control of offenders. Providing a correctional environment that encourages offenders to assume responsibility for rehabilitation is also an important focus of the work. Positions may deal with a diverse group or range of offenders.

  • Correctional Service Worker

    This type of work encompasses positions providing a variety of casework, security and offender management services in an adult or young offender centre or a broad range of community based correction programs and services to adult and young offenders in district community corrections offices throughout the province.

    The focus of the work is on preparing offenders for return to society and optimizing their chances to assume responsibility of acceptable behaviour. Positions assist and encourage offenders to use services and programs related to their needs for the purpose of developing the abilities and skills necessary to conduct independent law abiding lives.

  • Sheriff, Security and Transport

    This work focuses on ensuring the safety of people, highways and property such as courthouses, government buildings and museums through investigative, monitoring and enforcement responsibilities. A broad range of work exists, including the enforcement of moving violations on commercial vehicles, highway traffic enforcement and traffic accident investigations, inmate transfers, security system monitoring, dispatch services for sheriffs, executive security, courthouse security, warrant apprehensions and assisting law enforcement agencies with surveillance activities. Highways are also monitored in regards to the carrier industry, enforcing legislation and maintenance for commercial vehicles or some vehicles operated by the general public, such as school buses. In a museum, positions ensure the proper conduct of visitors and that valuable collections, exhibits, furnishings, buildings and surrounding grounds and offsite premises are safeguarded from theft and damage.

Benchmark listings

Classes and point bands

Table 1. Subsidiary 3 classes and point bands

036WC denotes professional certification.
Class number Class title Minimum Maximum
Classes listed on 'Schedule A' for Subsidiary 3
032CR Correctional Peace Officer 1 161 191
034CR Correctional Peace Officer 2 228 268
036CR Correctional Peace Officer 3 314 370
032SH Sheriff, Security and Transport 1 161 191
034SH Sheriff, Security and Transport 2 228 268
035SH Sheriff, Security and Transport 3 269 313
036SH Sheriff, Security and Transport 4 314 370
Classes listed on 'Schedule A-1' for Subsidiary 3
036CS Correctional Service Worker 1 314 370
036WC Correctional Service Worker 2 314 370
038CS Correctional Service Worker 3 439 518

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