Evaluators need to understand why the job exists, determine the focus of the work and have a sound understanding of the job responsibilities, then assess it against the:

  • classification or stream definitions for Opted Out and Excluded and each Subsidiary by considering the descriptor in its entirety rather than isolated phrases
  • guide charts
  • benchmark jobs developed for Opted Out and Excluded, which identify the number of levels and characterize the difference between the work in each level in a class series or Stream

In some cases, it may be necessary to assess the work by using the guide charts and benchmarks for the management plan.

The following questions can be used as a guide:

  • Does the job fit within Opted Out and Excluded?
  • What is the rating?
  • Which benchmark job aligns with the kind and level of work?
  • Where appropriate, do the job responsibilities compare to the Management Job Evaluation Plan and the benchmarks?

Work currently performed within Opted Out and Excluded, Schedule 1 Part 2-A of the Government of Alberta has been evaluated using a point rating system. Assessment of whether a job falls within Schedule 1 Part 2-A is based on the type of work performed. Ten groupings exist within Schedule 1 Part 2-A of the Opted Out and Excluded element. These are:

Stream definitions

Opted Out


  • Auditor

    Professional audit work applying accepted audit theories and principles when conducting financial and/or management audits internal to the ministry or government. Auditor positions are engaged in independent review of activities within the organization that may include compliance audits or operational ‘value for money’ audits, where complete objectivity is essential. Work at the senior levels involves planning audits, selecting audit procedures, recommending or selecting team members, providing instruction on methods, selecting and establishing operating performance standards, and preparing reports on the findings.

  • Budget Officer

    The work involves professional review, analysis and forecasting of expenditures and revenues. Budget Officers prepare economic projections and background data required for budgetary projections, review revenue and expenditure trends and prepare reports on these trends, and conduct special studies on the relation of general economic conditions to budgetary requirements. Work also includes preparing budget estimates and analyzing and making recommendations on program objectives and proposed spending levels.

  • Human Relations

    Professional consulting in the human resource management field includes the administration of personnel policies or programs, or officers under the Labour Relations Code dealing with matters related to collective bargaining under that act or investigative work under the authority of the Ombudsman.

  • Systems Analyst

    Installation, maintenance, support and planning of information technology infrastructure (software or hardware). Entails the application of computing science principles and theories. Work could involve specialization in: end-user support, applications, technical support or any combination of these. Work includes: assisting non-electronic data processing users in the use of the computer, development and/or maintenance of small to medium applications or segments of larger or more complex applications, or evaluation, installation and support of moderately complex system hardware or software.

Classes and point bands

Table 1. Opted Out and Excluded classes and point bands

Class number Class title Minimum Maximum
521AG Agrologist Level 1 269 370
522AG Agrologist Level 2 371 438
523AG Agrologist Level 3 439 518
521ER Engineering and Related Level 1 269 370
522ER Engineering and Related Level 2 371 438
524ER Engineering and Related Level 3 519 613
522LC Legal Counsel 371 438
522VT Veterinarian Level 1 371 438
523VT Veterinarian Level 2 439 518
524VT Veterinarian Level 3 519 613
525VT Veterinarian Level 4 614 734
511AU Auditor Level 1 269 370
512AU Auditor Level 2 371 438
513AU Auditor Level 3 439 518
511BO Budget Officer Level 1 269 370
512BO Budget Officer Level 2 371 438
513BO Budget Officer Level 3 439 518
511HR Human Relations Level 1 269 370
512HR Human Relations Level 2 371 438
513HR Human Relations Level 3 439 518
511SA Systems Analyst 1 269 370
512SA Systems Analyst Level 2 371 438
513SA Systems Analyst Level 3 439 518

Salary details are listed on Opted out and excluded pay plans and salary ranges.

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