Subsidiary 1 – Administrative and support services

Find stream definitions, benchmark listings and classes and point bands for administrative and support services.


Evaluators need to understand why the job exists, determine the focus of the work and have a sound understanding of the job responsibilities, then assess it against the:

  • stream definitions for each Subsidiary work group by considering the stream descriptor in its entirety rather than isolated phrases
  • guide charts
  • benchmark jobs developed for each Subsidiary and Stream, which identify the number of levels and characterize the difference between the work in each level in a Stream

In some cases, it may be necessary to assess the work by using the guide charts and benchmarks for the management plan.

The following questions can be used as a guide:

  • Which Subsidiary and Stream do the job responsibilities fall within?
  • What is the rating?
  • Which benchmark job aligns with the kind and level of work?
  • Where appropriate, do the job responsibilities compare to the Management Job Evaluation Plan and the benchmarks?

Work currently performed within the Administrative and Support Services component of the Government of Alberta has been evaluated using a point rating system. To assess whether a job falls within the Administrative and Support Services component, consider the type of work performed. Determine the focus of the job: why does the job exist? Once you have clarified the job's purpose, determine whether the job belongs in this Subsidiary and, if so, in which Stream. Five groupings have been recognized in the Administrative and Support Services component of the Alberta Public Service. These are:

Stream definitions

  • Administrative Support

    Work in this stream encompasses a broad range of jobs involved in providing administrative, program, office and/or information or automation support functions associated with the administrative delivery of government services and programs. Work in this stream ranges from entry level administration to those performing senior level administrative functions such as office coordination or supervision. Typical work includes secretarial and office support (that is, Action Request Tracking System, etc.) and/or providing one or more core administrative support services such as records management, finance (accounting), purchasing, human resources, etc. This stream also includes administrative functions performed in support of line program delivery requiring a specialized knowledge of the program's administrative or process support functions, and the process, operations and/or legislation of the program. Program support function also encompass the provision of program information through call centre services. Other jobs utilize data or information processing skills as well as a knowledge of the related program area to perform desktop publishing, word processing, collection and compilation of data relevant to their area of responsibility as well as create, record, process, manipulate, format, retrieve, print and code data.

  • Court Reporter

    Work involves the verbatim transcription of judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings in Court of Justice and the Court of Queen's Bench. Positions produce transcripts from shorthand notes when required, using computer aided transcription technology.

  • Judicial Clerk

    This work supports the role of the judiciary, counsel and public in the Alberta Justice system before, during and subsequent to court proceedings. Positions performing this work hold key responsibility for administrative matters which organize and manage the court process. This work involves para-legal work in all levels of the Court. May also involve the supervision of a unit of Court or ensuring the smooth operation of a Court. Positions may perform Justice of the Peace, Clerk of the Court, Sheriff and Registrar duties.

  • Legal Administration

    This work primarily involves the application of applied paralegal knowledge in support of government services and programs. Work in this stream ranges from entry level legal administration to those performing senior level specialized legal administration functions. Work at the senior levels may also involve supervision. Working in a legal, judicial or quasi-judicial environment, positions research, review, analyze, draft, file, approve and process legal documentation within the applicable acts, regulations, legislation and case law.

    Positions in this stream must either functionally report to a Justice, Judge, Justice Lawyer or a Lawyer supporting an Agency, Board or Commission, or work in support of a program area related to land conveyancing and registration.

    When functionally reporting to a Justice, Judge, Justice Lawyer or a Lawyer supporting an Agency, Board or Commission, positions focus on litigation support ensuring appropriate legal processes and procedures are followed and assigned responsibilities are completed in preparation of court proceedings, including preparation of judgments and support in the provision of legal advice. When working in support of a program area, positions are involved in examination of legal documentation for the purposes of land conveyancing and registration.

    *Work as defined in this stream is not that of a practicing lawyer. Positions in this stream do not provide legal advice, arguments or opinions.

  • Operational Services

    Work in this stream incorporates a variety of operational service work including provision of stockroom and warehouse services, duplicating or printing and bindery operations and processing of one or more computer production systems. The work in stockroom and warehouse environments encompasses receiving, storing and/or dispatching materials as well as coordinating or supervising stockroom and/or warehouse operations. Duplicating or printing and bindery services include operating a broad range of offset and duplicating equipment and assembling and binding a variety of forms and printed material and/or the supervision of these services. Those positions performing production control work require a general knowledge of usage and understanding of computer hardware and software.

Benchmark listings

Classes and point bands

Table 1. Subsidiary 1 classes and point bands

Class numberClass titleMinimumMaximum
Classes listed on 'Schedule A' for Subsidiary 1
011ASAdministrative Support 17384
012ASAdministrative Support 285113
013ASAdministrative Support 3114134
014ASAdministrative Support 4135160
015ASAdministrative Support 5161191
016ASAdministrative Support 6192227
011OSOperational Services 17384
012OSOperational Services 285113
013OSOperational Services 3114134
014OSOperational Services 4135160
015OSOperational Services 5161191
013JCJudicial Clerk114134
015JCSenior Judicial Clerk161191
016JCDeputy Clerk192227
017JCSenior Deputy Clerk228268
014RCCourt Reporter 1135160
016RCCourt Reporter 2192227
014LALegal Administration 1135160
015LALegal Administration 2161191
016LALegal Administration 3192227
017LALegal Administration 4228268
018LALegal Administration 5269313