Excluded administrative support

Find stream definitions, benchmark listings and classes and point bands for excluded administrative support job positions.


Evaluators need to understand why the job exists, determine the focus of the work and have a sound understanding of the job responsibilities, then assess it against the:

  • stream definitions by considering the stream descriptor in its entirety rather than isolated phrases
  • guide charts
  • generic benchmark jobs developed for Executive Support which identify the number of levels and characterize the difference between the work in each level in a Stream

In some cases, it may be necessary to assess the work by using the guide charts and benchmarks for the management plan.

The following questions can be used as a guide:

  • Which level do the job responsibilities fall within?
  • What is the rating?
  • Which benchmark job aligns with the kind and level of work?
  • Where appropriate, do the job responsibilities compare to the benchmarks in another stream or the Management Job Evaluation Plan?

Work currently performed within the Executive Support component of the Government of Alberta has been evaluated using a point rating system. To assess whether a job falls within the Executive Support component, consider the type of work performed.

Work in this stream consists of secretarial and administrative positions on the personal staff of a Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Minister or comparable* executive.

On the personal staff of the executive requires consideration of the following criteria:

  • the individual would be dedicated to and work almost exclusively for the Assistant Deputy Minister or Deputy Minister or the person having comparable duties and responsibilities and:
    • work under their immediate direction and control
    • have a regular material involvement with the executive
    • have regular contact with the executive
  • as long as the criteria in (a) apply, the individual may report through a senior administrative support position that reports directly to the executive

*Comparable is defined for the purposes of the Executive Support Stream, as an executive, who is comparable in scope and complexity to the positions of Assistant Deputy Minister or Deputy Minister, where the position is allocated, at a minimum, to the Executive Manager II classification, and where the terms Assistant Deputy Minister or Deputy Minister are not in use by a given department, board, tribunal or corporation of the public service.

Stream definitions

  • Executive Support 1

    Executive Support 1 positions assist with the day-to-day operation of the Executive Office by providing a full range of moderately complex administrative duties such as: using the Action Request Tracking System (ARTS) for assigning and tracking action requests, reviewing, monitoring and recording all the executive’s mail; maintaining the calendar of, scheduling appointments for, and making travel arrangements for the executive; typing complex reports, tables, financial statements, letters and memorandums for the executive, and acting as the contact person with the Minister’s, Deputy Minister’s, Assistant Deputy Minister’s, and other Executive Offices.

  • Executive Support 2

    Executive Support 2 positions provide comprehensive administrative support to the Executive Office by: researching information and composing correspondence for the executive’s signature, maintaining the calendar of and scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements for the executive; preparing, forecasting and monitoring budget and contract expenditures; records and file management; researching and preparing background material for executive meetings; monitoring, tracking and negotiating timelines on all action requests (ARs); and responding directly to day-to-day administrative inquiries on behalf of the executive. Position acts as a resource to other administrative support staff within the division and/or department by providing advice and assistance on ARs and on writing correspondence for the executive. Position may carry-out routine administrative special projects.

  • Executive Support 3

    Executive Support 3 positions provide leadership and coordination for the day-to-day operation of the Executive Office by: either supervising other administrative staff in the Executive Office, coordinating special projects for the executive; resolving issues related to the executive’s calendar, carrying out some issues management for the executive; or by carrying out extensive ‘issues management’ for the executive (for example, assessing and processing, Request for Proposals, drafting evaluation forms, questionnaires, surveys, brochures, providing explanations to a variety of stakeholders on complex legislation, policies and procedures, or having extensive involvement with external agencies, boards or commissions as well as carrying out some administrative duties).

Benchmark listings

Classes and point bands

Table 1. Excluded Administrative Support classes and point bands

Class numberClass titleMinimumMaximum
311ESExecutive Support 1113160
312ESExecutive Support 2161191
313ESExecutive Support 3192313
311MOMinister's Secretary113160
312MOMinister's Administrative Assistant192313
311LGSecretary to the Lieutenant Governor161191
312LGAdministrative Assistant to the Lieutenant Governor192313

For more information, see Opted out and excluded pay plans and salary ranges.