Subsidiary 9 – Health, therapy, institutional and patient support

Find stream definitions, benchmark listings and classes and point bands for health, therapy, institutional and patient support services.


Evaluators need to understand why the job exists, determine the focus of the work and have a sound understanding of the job responsibilities, then assess it against the:

  • stream definitions for each Subsidiary work group by considering the stream descriptor in its entirety rather than isolated phrases
  • guide charts
  • benchmark jobs developed for each Subsidiary and Stream, which identify the number of levels and characterize the difference between the work in each level in a Stream

In some cases, it may be necessary to assess the work by using the guide charts and benchmarks for the management plan.

The following questions can be used as a guide:

  • Which Subsidiary and Stream do the job responsibilities fall within?
  • What is the rating?
  • Which benchmark job aligns with the kind and level of work?
  • Where appropriate, do the job responsibilities compare to the Management Job Evaluation Plan and the benchmarks?

Work currently performed within the Health and Therapy and Institutional and Patient Support Services component of the Government of Alberta has been evaluated using a point rating system. To assess whether a job falls within this component, consider the type of work performed. Determine the focus of the job: why does the job exist? Once you have clarified the job's purpose, determine whether the job belongs in this Subsidiary and, if so, in which Stream. In general, the work in this component has a focus on direct support and care, therapy or maintaining a health related facility. Two groupings have been recognized in the Health and Therapy and Institutional and Patient Support Services component of the Alberta Public Service. These are:

Stream definitions

  • Facility Support

    The work is manual, primarily focused on maintaining the cleanliness of a facility that serves individuals or supervising these functions. The tasks range from basic housekeeping functions to more arduous cleaning maintenance and physical movement of equipment and/or individuals. Work may involve washing floors, walls and ceilings, vacuuming, cleaning and sanitizing, removing garbage and linens, polishing floors, steam cleaning carpets, ordering and storing supplies, moving heavy furniture and equipment, and washing laundry. When working in a kitchen, functions include food preparation and related heavy cleaning.

  • Individual Support

    This work is primarily involved in providing personal support, care and treatments to individuals residing within a facility in a variety of daily living situations aimed at enhancing quality of life. This may include providing basic health care and treatments as per medical instructions and plans.  Incumbents are involved in assisting with and facilitating the assessment, implementation and evaluation of an individual’s customized plans, goals, and skill development.

    This work typically includes meeting individuals’ hygiene and nutritional needs, mobility requirements, and either directly administering or assisting with health treatments. It also includes supporting an individual in their personal, leisure and recreational, social, volunteer and work activities. Positions have direct contact with families/guardians and, in some cases, stakeholders in the community.

Benchmark listings

Classes and point bands

Table 1. Classes listed on 'Schedule A' for Subsidiary 9 and point bands

Class numberClass titleMinimumMaximum
091FSFacility Support 17384
092FSFacility Support 285134
093FSFacility Support 3135191
094FSFacility Support 4192227
093ISIndividual Support 1135191
093ISIndividual Support 2192227